#WAKWHS2 The villain…

Your key skills last week was to look at creating the character that would hinder Simon in your story. Lauren developed “Nightmare Man”, as shown below:


What was your character? What made him/her extremely unique? How will he prevent Simon from completing his quest?

Sharing the ideas could pave the way for some great “magpieing” of ideas!

One thought on “#WAKWHS2 The villain…

  1. Sarah’s Villain:
    My villain is called Ogway, he is a wizard who lives in his cave on a desert island. He always wears a blue cloak with stars and moons on and a matching hat – it flops over his head. The way he stops S imon on his quest to find Arabella, is that he finds him and then tries to help. He gives Simon food, water, a sword, shield and money. Though he helped, he then ‘accidently’ turns him into a unicorn.

    Hollie’s villain:
    My villin is calles Mercy and she is a sea creature. Murcy loves to intimidate her enimies by pretending to be someone she is not.she wears a thick gown to hide her fish legs and she also wears a flower crown positionedd on her head to hide the scar on her forehead that was shaped like a sea horse…

    Charlie’s villan:
    My villains name is Captain Blood, he is a Pirate who lives on his ship on the sea. He always has all of his clothes all the time. The way he stops Simon on his adventure is, on the way back he destroys his ship! Also he is evil with a cold- blooded heart…

    Parris’ villan:
    My villans name is Circle de Great.
    He is a 2D circle Which makes him very hard to fight.
    He lives in the middle of the woods around a untouchable fire that never burns out. When he is in fight mode, he grows small bubbles around him as a shield.
    His main powers are freezing cold bubbles and getting his minions, Square and Triangle, to fight while he regenerates.

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