Key Skills 20.03.15

Key Skills 20/03/15


A mysterious person left Simon a clue in a bottle last week which was washed up on the beach…


This mysterious person wrote it through poetry.

Your task this week is to write a poem back in response.

You will need to think about:

  • What would Simon say?
  • Who is he addressing it to?
  • Is he going to accept this person’s offer of help?



Missing angles! We have done a lot of work on missing angles recently. Your task this week is to create an exciting poster that informs the reader exactly how to calculate any missing angle. We have looked at:

– Straight lines.

– Full rotations.

– Quadrilaterals.

– Triangles.

You must include the following:

– Examples.

– Facts.

– A challenge for the reader.



12 thoughts on “Key Skills 20.03.15

  1. Friend or Foe,
    How will Simon know?
    Only one of two wizards could it be,
    One that hindered and one that helped thee,
    Upon his last quest they each cast upon Simon a spell,
    One leading to heaven the other to hell.
    A spell to protect,
    A spell to intercept,
    Simon can conjure these powerful beings by saying aloud,
    I summons you wizard be you my aid or my enemy avowed,
    But which sorcerer will appear?
    Will they be helpful or someone to fear?

  2. I know you have helped me,
    But you can’t be scared of a bee,
    You need to give me a reason why,
    So please don’t be shy,
    Send me a letter,
    And I will give you the better,

    Sir Simon

  3. Dear friend or foe,
    Will i ever know,
    What is going on,
    While the sun shone,
    Listen to me,
    Or I will leave you be.
    Wizards travel wide,
    does that make you fill with pride,
    Unicorns gallop free,
    Do they leave you a rare kiwi,
    Dragons fly by,
    Do they attack,
    Do they come back.
    Knights clank along,
    Do they make a song.
    From Sir Simon.

  4. Dear owner of the mystery note,
    What is this help you show?
    Because I live near a moat,
    I’ll throw you in it, so go!
    I don’t need any help,
    So don’t expect me to yelp,
    Even though you helped before
    This time I choose to ignore!
    Thank you for reading, my son
    Yours sincerely Simon.

  5. Dear mystery person,
    I know not of your name or where you reside,
    And I do not remember you helping me last time,
    I swear that on my last quest I went there and back on my own,
    And I remember thinking that I was so alone,
    So if you really did help me before,
    Then why didn’t you show yourself so that I was sure?
    If I do accept your note,
    Then you have to promise me two things and one of them is not to fix my boat,
    It is that when you are with me,
    You do not change your mind and flee,
    And I do not want even one silly game,
    For this is a quest and if it goes wrong it will be you who I blame.
    Now enough of me rambling on and being mean,
    But this letter is for your eyes only to be seen,
    If I were to take you aboard,
    Then I guess that I would not be bored,
    Now I’m sorry if I atoll made any offence to you,
    But I do have some things that you could have, so I hope your favourite colour is blue!
    Now to balance out this poem/letter,
    I will say some things to make it better,
    If we go on this quest together,
    I’m sure that it wouldn’t take forever,
    Like I said earlier I don’t know where you reside,
    But I’m sure we could be victorious if we stay side by side,
    If you are really willing to help me then,
    I’m sure we could do it, just us men,
    But hang on a second, are you a man?
    Or are you a creature with a horrible plan?
    No, that’s just silly,
    Though it is something that you can put in your letter for me,
    So this is the end of my message to you,
    And send me one back when you think this is what we can do,
    We can save Arabella my friend,
    So till next I hear from you,
    Sir Simon

  6. Should I know you?
    I don’t think I do
    if you could tell me
    that would help me sincerely
    why follow me
    what have I done
    if I find out will it give me a stun
    if I have hurt you
    sorry for what I’ve done

    yours sincerely

  7. If you help me again,
    How will you help me gain?
    What will you help me do,
    Will you give me a clue,
    Will you have said,
    ” I will leave you dead!”
    So can you give send me a reply
    Or I could of sent a deny !
    Thank you for reading,
    I hope I was pleasing.

  8. To the foe.

    I know you are stealing ,
    but cant you be feeling ,
    shes beautiful ,
    in-fact also un-beatable
    and if you are thinking of moving to our doom
    there is no point trying ,
    because we will be flying down to our fate and you dawn of death and doom.

    your enemy

    sir Simon the un-beatable

  9. Friend or foe,
    help me now,
    don’t be a cow,
    I need help,
    for my quest,
    if you attend I shall be honered,
    I cannot do this alone,
    if you help I will give you the money to pay your lone.

    sir Simon

  10. Dear mystery helper,
    I have not seen you help
    Or witnessed your aide
    Do you want to be paid?
    I am not very wealthy
    But I am extremely stealthy
    I am not scared
    But I am well prepared
    Now please leave me alone
    As I can’t condone
    Or live and the danger zone


  11. Have you helped me before?
    Do you want to help me more?
    I can’t remember at all,
    Is your name Paul?
    I remember someone helping me called Paul,
    I’m not so sure,
    But he is really poor.
    You can help me,
    But you mustn’t trick me that you will help me,
    Or else… you will get a big bite from Lee,
    My dog,
    That sits on a log,
    All the time;
    and eats lime.
    Yours Sincerly:
    Sir Simon

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