#WAKWHS2 Lady Arabella

We have looked at the character of Lady Arabella in year six. We discussed how stereo-typically we see princesses or ladies as lovely characters – pretty, pink and nice. The children went away and developed their own characters of Arabella, some breaking the traditions that we see so regularly in Disney films.

How did you describe your Arabella? What makes her more special than the others? Include some quotes from your literacy books 🙂


#WAKWHS2 The Beginning…

It is Sunday evening and I have received a message from Earl Rees.  I do not want to give too much away but I think that there are plans to finally knight Simon tomorrow after his adventure last year to win his spurs.  I suspect there will be many exciting moments throughout the day; I heard rumours of  a banquet to celebrate the event.  Blog to inform those who are not part of the court of the happenings as they occur.

Mr Prosser