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This week I (Mr Prosser) had a very sad thought. Today was going to be the last time our current team would play together. As well as this, it could be the last time some of the team play rugby full-stop. However, hopefully the whole team will pursue their rugby playing…

After a very tough group with Lyncrest, Earl Spencer and Boothville, two of the teams drew on the same points score (SdS and Boothville). Through our points difference being higher, we went through as the group winners!

In the semi-finals we faced Weston Favell. After taking an early lead, the game evened itself out and ended 4-4. We went to extra-time… Try to us, try to them. The referee ordered “golden try”; we pushed on and squeezed a try to take us through to the grand final.

In the final we met Lings. After taking the lead 1-0, Lings quickly turned it around with some brilliant running play to 1-3. None of team looked dismayed by this and dug in their heels and pushed on to get the game back to 3-3. We very narrowly missed out on winning it 4-3 – very unlucky! We decided it would be fairest if Lings and Simon de Senlis took a share of the final prize. What I loved about this was that none of the children complained – they agreed it was the best decision!

Well done to the whole rugby team; you have played superbly all year! This afternoon in particular.

I do, in all honesty, hope that each of you continue playing rugby when you reach secondary school and beyond – either for your school or for a local club.

Well done to the team! All of you persevered, pushed, tackled and just quite frankly gave it your all!

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Also, thank you to all the parents who came to support the team. Simon de Senlis always bring great support! Great that you all get to witness your children being awesome.

Literacy key skills – 24th April, 2014.

Noun, verb or adjective?

A great afternoon! We sorted adverbs in to the different categories and there were some great discussions over what type of adverb things like ‘suddenly’, ‘clockwise’ and ‘fortunately’ are. You gave some great reasons for your answers and really had to think about what each word was actually describing.

This weekend your SPaG key skills is along the same lines. I would like you to look at the list of words and decide whether they are adjectives, verbs or nouns. Place them on the Venn diagram in the right circle. Are there any that fit in to more than one category? Are there any words that fit in to all three? Annotate your work either on the outside of the diagram or on the back to show how the word is used in that category. Can you add any words of your own?

If this isn’t enough for you, you can post an adverbial phrase to show position on the blog.

Mr P 🙂

Key Skills 17/04/15


Choose a page or a couple of paragraphs from the book you are currently reading. Look through the page and try to find as many different grammatical terms that you know. For example, if you are reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Harry went down to breakfast the next morning to find the three Dursleys already sitting around the kitchen table. They were watching a brand-new television, a welcome- home-for- the-summer present for Dudley, who had been complaining loudly about the long walk between the fridge and the television in the living room. Dudley had spent most of the summer in the kitchen, his piggy little eyes fixed on the screen and his five chins wobbling as he ate continually.

Proper nouns: Harry, Dursley, Dudley. 

Common nouns: kitchen table, breakfast, television, present, fridge, living room, summer, kitchen, eyes, screen, chins. 

Adverbs: loudly, continually. 

Obviously there are many more grammatical terms to use…

Record it how you want; you could do an impressive poster!


Key Skills 20.04.15


Have a good weekend! 

Mr Prosser