Literacy key skills – 24th April, 2014.

Noun, verb or adjective?

A great afternoon! We sorted adverbs in to the different categories and there were some great discussions over what type of adverb things like ‘suddenly’, ‘clockwise’ and ‘fortunately’ are. You gave some great reasons for your answers and really had to think about what each word was actually describing.

This weekend your SPaG key skills is along the same lines. I would like you to look at the list of words and decide whether they are adjectives, verbs or nouns. Place them on the Venn diagram in the right circle. Are there any that fit in to more than one category? Are there any words that fit in to all three? Annotate your work either on the outside of the diagram or on the back to show how the word is used in that category. Can you add any words of your own?

If this isn’t enough for you, you can post an adverbial phrase to show position on the blog.

Mr P 🙂

9 thoughts on “Literacy key skills – 24th April, 2014.

  1. Adjectives: Beautiful loving desperate dispare.

    verbs: run jog sprint watch see talk put separating.

    nouns: table bed chair floor dog sofa clip board tank gun television dog curtain car motorcycle bike scooter door roof metal ring coin basketball football baseball cricket candle tarantula snake dog cat Lizard pillow frame picture sterio speaker.


  2. Adjectives: Beautiful loving desperate dispair
    Verbs: run jog sprint watch see talk put separating
    Nouns : Table bed floor dog sofa clipboard tank gun television dog curtain car motorcycle bike scooter door roof metal ring basketball football base ball cricket candle snake tarantula cat lizard pillow frame picture sterio speaker

  3. Adjectives.
    Nice, lovely, loving, unforgettable, beautiful, caring.

    Talk, screen, shout, sprint, forgive, ask, discuss, believe.

    Bed, floor, carpet, door, doorframe, window, wall, wardrobe, basket,
    shelf, paper, coat, jacket, bored game, picture, picture frame, draw,
    books, television, light, light bulb, glass, glasses, scissors, clock, shoe.

  4. Ajectives:horrible,beautiful,nasty,scary,loving,smelly.
    Nouns:toys,table,chair,bike,car,motobike,bus,dog,cat,mouse,rat,mud,rai,shadow,towel,flowers,feet,stomach,toes,carpet,tiles,sky,grass,fish,water,bulls,ducks,dress,shoes,bag,earings,monkey,snake,shark and a lizard.

  5. adjectives: Maginifcent,beautful,amazing,awesome
    verb: run walk swim laugh joke sprint catch
    nouns: xbox chicken money game tv pc

  6. verbs: run, sprint, separating, watch, see, put, jog.

    adjectives: despair, loving, desperate, beautiful.

    nouns: table, dog, floor, sofa, clipboard, tank, gun, cat, stereo, speaker, tarantula, curtain, car, baseball, cricket, metal, ring, football, basketball, bike, bike, scooter, ball, door, roof

  7. Next part:
    Talk, watch, sing, dance, sew, colour, draw.
    Chair, table, phone, milkshake, cat, cup, dog, television, aeroplane.

  8. verbs: run, quickly, talk, sing, chat, dance
    Adjectives: excellent, remarkable,
    Nouns: Birmingham, pencil, box, Tesco, chair

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