To ask or not to ask? That is the question.

Charities believe they have a duty to ask people for money and help the most vulnerable (people, animals, areas of our environment) in our world. Many people across the world live in terrible conditions or have serious diseases/disabilities. Animals are treated with extreme cruelty and abandoned, left to perish without a second thought. Recently, there have been many heart wrenching appeals for donations of money following the catastrophic earthquakes in Nepal. An example of why this money is needed is shown in this clip of a fifteen year old boy being pulled from the rubble of a building five days after the first earthquake in Kathmandu.

This is a link to an advert asking for money for clean water in some of the poorest areas of the world:

However, this weekend there has been a news story about Olive Cooke, a poppy seller, who felt badgered by charities to give money. Her friends say she died of exhaustion after she received thousands of letters and phone calls asking for money. Read the news report in to this.

So, the questions is… Is it right for charities to ask for donations?

Talk to your partner and have a think about what you think is right. Give me your opinion on the blog.

6 thoughts on “To ask or not to ask? That is the question.

  1. People already have sympathy for the delicate souls in Nepal also in Africa, they should keep donating money as they are getting better and better from the people that are donating the money.

  2. We think it is right to ask for donations because millions of people are in need for food and water . We need to help them because many people are dying every day because they have no homes , food or drink /clear water . I think that we need to give money to Nepal because they have sever injures and they might make it or they might not make it , that is why we need to give money to Nepal to save every last sole so they stay alive and because happy families . So give £2 or more to save every little sole. Even children would give £2 or more just to help Nepal and save everyone there and help everyone.

  3. People already have sympathy for the beloved souls that life in Africa and Nepal people should keep donating money because every single pound is helping so carry on donating remember its for a really good cause.

  4. Every charity is different, and going to different equally important causes, but if no one knew about that charity no one would donate! We think it is good for people to ask for money for the charity once in a while. However, the story about Olive Cooke was heart breaking. It’s not write to keep on badgering an elderly woman(who already helps by selling poppies) on the other hand, it would benefit the charity- even if it lead to death. Giving money to charities is good nevertheless the money could be used in the family house hold. Even if you have given money to a charity, this is speaking from experience, they may not do the things you want them to do, for all we know they could be a con-artist. Thus make sure you take care when giving money to charities/anyone. Is this fair?

  5. I think that they should be able to ask for donations so we are aware of the things going on in other places where people are dying and there houses are being destroyed .
    In Nepal there are earthquakes going on! People are dying because of the Bits of broken houses. That is why Nepal needs money. They’re other countries that need help like Africa.
    Africa needs money. They walk miles and miles to get dirty water, which could kill them with every sip. They is another disease which is Ebola which is killing hundreds of people a day. That’s why they need money.

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