Key Skills for May Half Term

First of all – well done this term! SATs went by with ease and you all worked very hard at it. We have done some mature topics in year six following SATs and you have handled and discussed these with great maturity.

As on the first day back, 1st June, we are dressing as explorers and our new topic is all related to exploring an unknown part of the world, we want to link our writing to exploring! 

Nigel Thornberry

We want you to imagine that you are an explorer first of all. Imagine that you have just explored somewhere that everyone else will know…

This is where your imagination really comes into it. You could write a piece of narrative explaining your exploration of your living room, for example. If you write this from a “confused” point of view – it could be great. You could write it with humour and confusion, avoiding writing the name of the place. By avoiding the name of the place – could the reader work out what you have explored?

For example: 

On Friday 22nd May, 2015 I embarked on a crazy adventure! I began this whirlwind in East Hunsbury. In front of me I saw some familiar cars, familiar houses and some familiar faces.

As I entered the place of exploration, I could smell some strange scents – garlicky spaghetti bolognese for sure! Black and white tiles lay across the floor and the door, which seemed to be an exit, had another door within it – for a beast to enter and exit I would imagine. Below the tables there were white doors with a bright light behind them – what on earth was this place? To be continued… 

Where do you think I have described? What place have I explored? 

Task: writing an exploration explanation of somewhere either interesting or extremely boring, creatively. Hopefully with clues to tell the reader where you have described.

How to submit: we now have a few ways to submit our key skills: green key skills books, OneNote, blog, shared document or via e-mail.


We look forward to reading and sharing your work! Have a fabulous week. 

40 thoughts on “Key Skills for May Half Term

  1. On the 20th May I began a very excited adventure where there were lots of animals such as tigers, birds and spiders and lots and lots more. There are lots of trees on the trees the monkeys play on it most of the time.

  2. On Friday 13th I embarked a wild adventure.
    It all started me nervously staggering through hundreds of gigantic trees, then suddenly I saw this orange ape thing then I realized it was a…
    Orangutan there was a whole troupe of them they were swinging from tree to tree it was an amazing experience.

    As it was my first time exploring I tried to see as much as I could, and then I saw this black and orange cat sneaking around. It was a tiger I tried to stay calm, I got my camera out and started to film every single move of the humungus cat.
    I was so scared my hands were shaking and I was sweating.

    Then I saw this amazing blue bird feeding its babies. Then I realized it’s a blue macaw it looked beautiful.

    For my first time I think I did well !!!

    • Some lovely verb choices in this, George – staggering, swinging and realised. I do believe you were exploring some sort of rainforest, perhaps the Amazon? As there are gigantic trees, orangutans, tigers and macaws…

  3. As I strolled in, feet aching to the point of movement loss, I saw it! The moment I had been waiting for, something so magnificent it had to be fate.But then alas, the wrong place! Breathing in and out, I stared at it and realised another of my kind was using it to rest. Bright lights then filled the room as a light like the moon blinded my inner sanity and eyes.I could not see. Suddenly, some things appeared before me and my vision returned, a group of….Soft toys! Tigers,Lions,Zebras,Pugs,cats and a frenzy of big eyes and species in different colours I had never seen before. Bewildered,yes I was.The small human I had encounterd earlier attacked me and then I realised I was trapped, trapped with this little kid until 8:00 pm when her parents came back from their night out, oh no!
    Where and what am I describing?:

    • I do believe you are describing a room of a child you are babysitting… Am I right? This was a tricky one – several re-reads, so I’m not feeling too positive. I like the mysterious tone you have added to your writing – lots of build up. I especially like “breathing in and out” great description of the character – adds a lot to the reader!

  4. Day 823

    I’m out of food and, the parks gone wild. I’ve even started to have raw shark from the megaladon’s feeding area. The hybrids on the loose, and more are still being created, I’m one of the only ones who are still alive. The pens have destroyed we’ve found blood everywhere, velociraptors are patrolling all day and all night to find something too eat. There is only a matter of time in till I am history!

    • In all honesty I had no idea what a megaladon was… Did you know this before? Great knowledge of sharks, Will. Due to the fact you stated it was a park and there are velociraptors “patrolling” it makes me think this could be Jurassic Park? I like how you have said you are going to die… “until I am history!” very powerful.

  5. As I strolled in to this dark and this gloomy dangerous place there were lots of trees in this dangerous place, birds and monkeys go on the trees most of the time. In this there were lots of spiders on the ground, as well people could step on the spiders and it could kill them, so on the spiders are very poisinus.most of this animals can kill them and people can easily die.

  6. On the 5th of October i went to an un-known place named ————–! It was a cold environment and every thing seemed to float. I could see a large bright thing glowing thing in the sky and some tiny tiny tiny lights floating. The sky was black and the —— where bright. where am i ????????????????????

    • Two places I think Matt, either the Northern Lights from possibly Norway or you are in space… More than likely you are in space (you like aliens etc.). Were either of these guesses correct? Some good description though!

  7. On the 23rd of May I embarked a mysterious and random adventure. I started my journey at precicely 12:17. Firstly I had to pack all of my equiptment. I packed : Food, water, a hat, a compass, a torch, batteries and a tent. Off I went.
    I started off by driving to the biggest forest I could find. I found it and drove out into the open. I gathered some wood and made my tent. After that it started to get dark. The sun was going down , so I lit my fire and cooked some of my rations. After my food I settled down and wrote a letter to my Grand-farther.
    The next day I woke up and had some of my Cherios.. I packed my stuff and set off to explore. As I was walking I saw a Parrot on top of a tree. It made a odd whistling sound Suddenly hundreds of deadly animals and started to try and eat me.
    I charged as fast as I could to the camp, unfortunately I had to leave everything, so I ran to the car, jumped in, started the car, and drove off.
    Eventually I got out of the forest and went home. All I did was rest and nothing else. I never went to that forest again.

    • Great start to the, Max, “embarked on a mysterious and random adventure.” You have carried on with this rich vocabulary all of the way through. I especially like how you have referenced the weather too to create a good atmosphere! Great effort – hope to see this standard in school too.

  8. May 31st, Sunday.
    Dear diary,
    I have embarked on the adventure of a life time. My white toy plane has just crash landed! There is no sight of of Barbie (my girl friend) any where, all of hers I can see is her pink hair bubble. I must find her!
    June 1st ,Monday.
    Dear diary,
    I have savaged all I could from the crash, food ,water and clothes. I have found an axe belonging to ‘Sir Max Hockerbrerry Toys’ who knew? The adventure truly begin!
    Venturing further and further in this strange, grey, fuzzy field I have spotted two very tall, hairy legged, male giants ‘I come in peace!’ I yell at the top of my breath yet my mouth doesn’t move!h What have they done to my

    • Sorry! Didn’t finish! Let me carry on-
      What have they done to me?
      ‘Tommy put away your toys, now please.’
      ‘Yes Mum,’ two strange voices called out going by the name ‘Tommy and Mum’ strange?
      June 21st, Sunday.
      Dear diary,
      I have been trapped in this strange red container with Barbie for 20 days. Every now and then a giant hand would reach in then take one of my friends then never come back, I believe I am next…

      • This is great, Lily. I do believe you are writing as Ken? (Barbie’s partner?) I think you have also ended up in a toy box with Barbie (Ken found her!). I like how you have made it very obvious that the toys have no idea about what these humans are – calling them strange and describing them male giants previously. Good work Lily!

  9. The day was all going to plan, we were all playing joyfully outside, until our Auntie called us in with a worried tone to her voice, none of us children had any ideas on what was wrong.As we sat in the living room,puzzled and silent, our Aunt was running round the house closing all the doors and shutting all the curtains. “What is it, why are we inside?” Questioned the eldest of us sisters. And at that moment a branch flew into the window smashing its frame. ” there is a storm we all need to keep safe!” Exclaimed our aunt, ” but what about Wendy, she is still out there!” Little did Wendy know that a storm was coming. I went to look for Wendy hoping to find her and bring her back to safety, but not far from the ends of the fields, a colossol whirlwind raged over the hills crushing everything in its path, But Wendy was still nowhere to be seen…

    • Not entirely sure that you have explored a specific place, George? It is exciting and well written. Unless, Wendy was the explorer and you have written it from the other point of view? Which would work well! I especially liked your embedded clause in “as we sat in the living room, puzzled and silent, our aunt was running around the house closing all of the doors and shutting all of the curtains” – some great extra information added.

  10. Dear diary,

    I have just become part of the wildlife. I was just gallivanting around and I came across a tree biome (aka ——-). The tree biome had lots of different animals in and they surprisingly didn’t try and eat me. The best looking animal was the toucan because of all the colours that it had on it. After that, I tried to climb a tree ; I tried and I tried and I just couldn’t climb it. Since I got lost, I thought of using some of my cool gadgets that I had brought with me like the compass. As soon as I used some of the gadgets that I had brought with me, I got out of the tree biome and went back to my Manor House. I chose wisely with my gadgets and thought carefully about what I would pack. I could still see the tree biome from my house window but I never went back into the tree biome ever again!

    • I assume you have described the rainforest – I like how you have gone for a more technical/scientific term: biome. Do you know precisely what a biome is? Some really good writing techniques in here, especially your use of adverbs in “I chose widely with my gadgets and thought carefully about what I would pack”.

  11. I was dozing peacefully, my mind wandering through my daydreams. Then suddenly I heard it- the rushing of water loud and powerful. I startled, simultaneously falling off my luxuriously comfy seat. It continued for at least another five minutes, poring through relentlessly. The noise grew louder and louder erupting inside my head until I could not take it any more. I had to find out what had disturbed me ; after starting to stumble towards the strange disturbance, I was met by a low rumble in the ground beneath my feet.
    Building up in speed and strength that rumble soon became a small earthquake, making me feel like the oak cupboards and drawers around me would soon crumble to the cool, cream tiled floor. However, I had now got used to the dreadful sound and terrible rumble that had disturbed me. So, trekking back to my comfy seat I started to doze back off into my daydreams.
    They stopped. Rushing water and horrible rumbling had stopped. Was that the end of it?…

    Where was I?

    • LC I have absolutely no idea where this could be! You have managed to keep it extremely mysterious through your use of “show don’t tell”. The only thing I could think of, and knowing your sense of humour, would be that this relentless pouring could be that of a toilet being flushed… However, I’m not convinced that this is correct! Very well written piece of work, great effort!

  12. As i ventured through the door, that i am sure everybody has been through, i stood.I just stood. There was no words to describe how i was feeling at this moment in time. Slowly, i took four paces forwards. Suddenly, i was in a ring, a ring that had some sort of bouncy rope to keep the ferocious beasts that were trying to defend their properties in. Although it kept them in, it wasn’t going to keep me in. After i had seen one beast suffer i took to my feet and cantered out of the ring…

    • Great to see an embedded clause immediately, Hollie, this has a great effect. You have followed it up with a great short sentence, again a great effect upon the reader. Were you in a boxing ring? I’d imagine you would stay there to fight for your right to be there!

  13. On one gloomy, dark, rainy morning ( the first day of my exploration) I wandered in this lush green room; it had silky, light green tiles. Despite the fact it had wonderful, splendid tiles, it also had over-sized tables and wooden,ancient chairs layed across the room. Two doors on the opposite sides of the room led to two mysterious places, maybe the two doors led to: a dragons lair, a knights castle/Maleficent’s thundering,frightening castle, the top of mount Everest and lots more crazy adventures for couragos and determind people. I rapidly went towards the largest door ( the only largest door) and opened it firmly and SUDDENLY… a sparkly strong sunlight shon into my eyes that moment I was blind, I couldnt see ABSOLUTELY nothing. What was going to happen?…
    To be continued…

    • I like how you have began straight away with the horrible weather – this sets the tone immediately – great idea. Try to avoid using double negatives… “I couldn’t see absolutely nothing” – this means you could see everything! Some lovely description all of the way through, Alex; however, I have no idea where you were! Very mysterious.

  14. As i walk into the old dark room, i can see a shelf with lots of teared, un wanting books!There are slippy tiles on the floor and a mageretta wall. I see a computer in the corner, it is a 1940’s computer. It is so old! Then i find a chresure box with a lock. I don’t know how to open it but it tells me to. It was a green painted box with brown stripes! I tried everything to open the locked black lock, i turn aroound, then my elbow push the lock and open it. it is all empty. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

    PS= Dont ever go in, in………..

    • Very mysterious, Eliza. Initially I thought you were in a library (due to the books) but then the description of a treasure chest/box threw me! The only alternative would be that you are on a quest with Indiana Jones… I don’t think you were, were you?

  15. Day 2369:

    As I embarked on my final quest i stumbled across this magical thing…

    I found out that it was called wood I also found out that I was in this place called the park. In the park there was a wooden thing that was standing up I said to myself “hmmmmm I wonder how that wood stands up on its own”? There was also an amazing layer of plastic that dangled from the sky… TO BE CONTINUED.

    • I do believe you have discovered a tree in a park… and then you have possibly found a cloud in the sky? Otherwise I’m not sure what the plastic is! I like how you have written it from a confused point of view. Also, good use of the verb: dangled!

  16. Shifting, the wind is swaying in my face, the crystalised coldness frosts the tip of my upturned, curious nose; I am somewhere extraordinary again. Normally, I would go adventuring the bushy green forests however, only to a certain limit. I got a bit bored, that’s all!
    Making my first step forward, I can already feel the exitment that is replacing my boredom. My eyes filling with surreal landsapes; ears- with the sound of emptyness; lungs- with deep, relaxing but sharp smell of pointy icicles and fluffy snow piles. Nevertheless, even though I feel calm, I want to act wildly like a snow leopard. Also if you think about the fact that I want to act like an animal, I am a snow leopard due to the statistics of me wearing a fake leopard fur coat. Such a coinsidence! Above all it keeps me warm but freezing , making it a lot more adventerous.
    Following on, I am now buried in the secretive caves made out of purified ice. Jumping even lower the temperature here is now a lot selfishly, ice-hearted than it was up above in the cold sun ( -65 Co .) Moreover, as I am moving on even deeper, I can now hear life. I put my puffy, huge but also compactable coat on; take my barely working – HD Canon 3+ camera. I can hear some lightly stomping penguins. Are they penguins? Or is just my impecable imagination nerves? I don’t know, I never want to know. Life like this lets you enjoy and memorise every little moment of what you explore.
    Eventually I am now at the bottom of a diamond-bright, symetricaly built cave palace. Signifficaly, my thoughts did not fool me. I found a penguin shelter! Yay! Skuttling, jumping and playing around, this family of penguins welcomed me to their land. Kindly, they even let me stay there.
    Fortunately, the night spread its self around one half of Earth; me and my newly made fellow friends spent it making photobombs with my Iphone 6.

    My day 1 was amazing. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the word I was hinting at. ( Rewind)
    My day 1 was simply… IMPECABLE!

    To be continued tomorow…

    • This is great, Alina. So much great description all of the through! You have put a huge amount of effort in – well done – obviously a lot of time spent on this. Your sentence openers throughout this are a WAGOLL of variation – many could learn lots from this.

      I do believe you were in an icy land, perhaps the Antarctica? Definitely not the Arctic anyway, as there are penguins! Also, like how you were photo-bombing with the penguins…

  17. This place is so purple! I need to sit down. What the… How is this so comfortable? Has some one died on it because it’s as red as blood? AHHH!!! MONSTER!!! Wait, Wait… No it’s just a dog. What’s that rectangle? It doesn’t tast nice. Oh it must be a TV. To be contined… (Because i need to fight a small, fluffy monster)

    • Are you in a purple living room? And you have tried to eat a TV? Are you a cat in this? Maybe not? Some confusing things going on here, Gemma. Well written though! I like the short sentence “I need to sit down” – it has a good effect upon the reader; you can see straight away that the author is clearly flustered.

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