Abington Park – the Spirit of the Games

Tomorrow the whole of Year Six are going to Abington park for “the Spirit of the Games” festival. It will be great fun but it is going to be extremely hot.

Please ensure your child comes to school with water, appropriate clothing and sun cream.

It is imperative that each child has their own individual sun cream as, due to skin conditions and allergies, they cannot apply others’ sun cream to themselves. It would be a shame for them to have to sit out in the shade!

Thank you,

The Year Six team.

Rainforest Cafe Success

Yesterday Year Six held their annual Rainforest Cafe. It was a huge success!

The entire process began months ago. It took a lot of work:

– Writing letters to Tesco.
– Creating posters to advertise the event.
– Researching recipes.
– Working out the cost of certain things.
– Cooking/baking/making the treats
– And finally, running the event.

After all of this hard work, the students of Year 6 raised a fantastic sum of £203!


A really good effort by all of the students involved. It was great to see you all so enthusiastic when selling the goods; some of you will make great sales people in the future.

A big thank you to all of the families and friends who supported the process by creating goods at home and, of course, buying the treats at the cafe!

Once again, well done to all who put in so much effort; it wouldn’t have been a success without you! The Year Six team, and the rest of the school, were extremely proud of you!

photo 1 (3) photo 1 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 4 photo 5 photo photo 2 photo 2 (2) photo 1 photo 1 (4)


All of the money will be equally halved; half of it will go to preserving some of the rainforest and the other half will go to aiding Nepal following the devastating earthquake.

#NPATEK Has the first dent been created?



Part of the blog, linked above, shows Selin’s Gelada baboon “Sway”.

I would have loved my work, at the age of eleven, to be posted onto a Microsoft blog…

Well done and thank you for your hard work, Selin.

Year 6 Rainforest Cafe – 25th June

After many postponements, our Year 6 Rainforest/Nepal aid Cafe is finally going to be taking place on Thursday, 25th June at 14:30 (onwards).

The year sixes will be selling an array of dessert treats which have all been made by the students of Year 6.

There will also be tea and coffee on offer.

I imagine you’re not persuaded yet! So, in the words of Alina:

This June the 25th. The Rainforest Opening is happening…

We need your help NOW! Over 3,000 animals and tribes die every 6 months!
Each pound counts is help for the Rainforest’s unfortunate events!


Will you help us?
Will you save nature?
Will YOU be the change and increase to our world?
But how?


OF COURSE! Come to our delicious café where you will enjoy your 30 minutes of lush, divine and absolutely amazing cuisine.
Nevertheless, the best part is that: you get leisure time in addition to helping!
Here we make raising money fun and helpful in order to interest everybody!
Consequently, it’s as simple as three steps ( make sure you follow the instructions properly!):


1) Come to our place- address below.
2) Buy yourself some of our all inclusive delicacies.
3) Enjoy!


To contact:


And, a poster from Lauren C, Hollie and Parris:

rainforest poster

All money raised will go towards supporting rainforests in the world and also towards aid for Nepal.

Sadako Sasaki

In literacy this week we watched the video embedded below. We’ve done some fabulous writing around this and, as a class, we ended up emailing Jeffery (the video and art creator).

Extremely exciting that a man in Philadelphia took the time to email the students and with such care and precision with his answers. The last email we emailed was this:

Thanks for your kind words!

Here are some answers to the questions posed:
How did you feel that your second wish has come true?
It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It further enforced my belief that hard work and patience always pay off.
How long did it take to create one crane?
When I got in a rhythm, I averaged about 1 minute, 40 seconds per crane.
Why did you decide to create this tribute to Sadako?
I always had a love for origami growing up. I also like to be creative and create art from different objects and mediums; besides paint, clay, etc. I wanted to combine the two by using cranes to create a portrait. After doing some research, I came across Sadako’s story and was really moved by it. I knew I had to make it for her.
Why was it Sadako that inspired you and not other victims of war?
Sadoko’s story is somewhat well-know (especially in Japan) and went well with theme of cranes. There are many people affected by the horrors of war all around the world, and hopefully her story will help bring light to the consequences of such actions.
Have you got any emails from famous people saying that they have been inspired by your work?
No, but I have been emailed by teachers from a few different schools like yours all around the world that have told me my art has inspired their classes. To me, that’s so much more rewarding than if a famous person liked it.
Was the art work next to the statue? Are you happy with it here?
NO, the artwork wasn’t next to the statue. I was offered to have it displayed in one of the glass cases around the statue, but there were a few problems. It wouldn’t fit very well, it wouldn’t be very secure, it would be affected by weather, it could only be there for a few weeks at most, and afterwards would be burned or donated somewhere. So, I didn’t think it was a good ‘permanent’ fit. It is now at the Honkawa Kindergarten in Hiroshima, and occasionally gets taken out to be displayed at different events and festivals around Hiroshima, so I’m very happy with where it ended up.
How hard was it to get the art work to Hiroshima?
I tried for many years emailing many organizations and institutions in Hiroshima with no luck. Last October though, I won an art contest and got a trip to Jim Henson studios in New York City. I met some people there that eventually put me in touch with the Honkawa Kindergarten. So a lot of it was just luck; being at the right place at the right time.
Why does Sadako have her eyes closed in the artwork?
It might look like it, but her eyes aren’t actually closed. Her neck and face were swollen at the time though, due to her disease. Here is a link to the reference photo that the portrait is based on: http://www.rafu.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/sadako-sasaki.png
It was taken by her teacher at the time, in her new kimono.
When your art work was accepted, how did you feel?
It was a relief to know that she would finally be where I always imagined her ending up. Many years of hard work had finally paid off and I was ecstatic. I did however have to scramble and figure out how to build a large shipping crate!
Did you have to learn Japanese to get the artwork to Hiroshima?
No I didn’t. There are many people in Japan that know some English, so the language barrier wasn’t too horrible. Also, Google translate helped some when going back and forth with emails in Japanese. I’m actually taking a trip to Japan in August to meet with the principal of the kindergarten and see the artwork in the school, so I am trying to learn some Japanese now.

Thanks for all the questions!


This was in reply to an email which we wrote as a class: 

This email is to thank you for writing to us and making a video that inspired us all. You haven’t just inspired us, you’ve inspired many other people in the world! You are smarter than us by making this incredible creative artwork in the memorial of Sadako Sasaki; it means you really want to make a dent in the universe. Our school motto at Simon de Senlis is to “make a dent in the universe” – you have definitely done this!

Congratulations for completing your second wish and we hope that it will help the first wish come true. Your quote truly made us think and we realised that the world would be a better place if this wish came true.

And the aforementioned questions. 

Sadako – a Truly Emotional Place

Year six have been looking at the story “Sadako’s Cranes for Peace” – it is an emotional story…

Year six:
– What are your thoughts and opinions on it?
– How does it make you feel when you read it, why?
– What have you learnt from the story?
– What is Sadako’s dent in the universe?
– How do you feel about Sadako’s dent in the universe?
– Would you recommend this story to anyone else, why?
– Should Sadako be more well known, why?
– Write a blurb for this story…


#NPATEK Gelada Baboon

This is Steve Backshall reporting from the wildest continent on Earth, Africa.

Wow! What is that? I’ve stumbled across a troupe of baboons here in Ethiopia. This baboon is as hairy as a lion’s mane. It is a herbivore but its teeth are as sharp as a sharpened knife. This animal is truly amazing! It moves extremely fast, in fact it could be Usain Bolt’s twin. The blood red chest looks like a fresh wound. I wouldn’t want to be in battle with this monkey.

Although you know what it looks from this lovely description, you can see the gelada baboon fully below…

FTF_gelada_large gelada-baboon-5

And here is the video that inspired them.

(AV, LM, GB & LH)