#NPATEK Mandela Class Cacti

Very exciting times in Mandela class – the cacti are up and running. The competition is on  – can one group grow a better cactus than another within just six weeks? Can Year 6 defy the slow-growing reputation of the cactus?

Below are some (badly lit) pictures of the cacti in Mandela Class along with the individual regimes for each cactus. Nice to see the sun shining in the background!

IMG_1100 IMG_1098 IMG_1096 IMG_1094 IMG_1091

3 thoughts on “#NPATEK Mandela Class Cacti

  1. Good luck to every group 🙂
    It seems like you all are having fun.
    Also, I hope you did well in the SATs ( even though they were ages ago 🙂
    I’m missing SDS so much!!!
    Julia xx

  2. Hi Julia it’s me Maisy ,
    Sats went well and I miss you being here . we are having fun but not that fun because you’re not hear . how is your school and did you’re sats go well ? xx

  3. Hi Julia! It’s Eliza.
    I miss u so much and so does the rest of the year group. My tables cactus is called Spike and Liam cares for the cactus like it’s his child. I hope you vist soon!!!!
    How are you????? How did you do in you sats?????

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