#NPATEK Frozen Spires Writing – As I removed the camera from my sight, I realised what an amazing place Africa really is…

Today we looked at the Frozen Spires realm for the first time. The standard of writing by all of the students of Mandela Class was so good! If you wonder what the frozen spires of Africa look like, you will be able to picture them perfectly from the descriptions below

Brightly glaring from behind the star of the show was the sun rising upon the horizon. Starring in its own production with the spotlight on her covered with a blanket of snow. HM.

A mountain sloped diagonally left out of the corner of my eye, trying to get into the picture. LiC

Rising slowly, like an angel going up to heaven, the sun lifted itself up from beneath the world, glistening on the snow like moonlight on a diamond. LaC

Behind it was the sun making the glacier look like an angel in heaven! It was surreal. What was the time? Because I could sit here all of my life! CL.

The city below was like little ants and the golden sun was shining off a building that I thought was beautiful. LG.

As I look through my binoculars, I can see misty mountains freezing over time; jagged rocks on the mountains; it’s all barren. AC.

Turning 10o I saw the sun glisten, reflecting everywhere. Icy peaks rose up to the sun saluting for every eye to see. HH.

It looks like a deadly island and it’s tiring. SR.

Serenity surrounded me as I peered at the blue icy mountains who were playing hide and seek. The mist was their savior – their hiding place. SH.

Suddenly the snow cuts off and the sandy hills and cliffs make you feel like you could find a genie in a lamp at any minute. By the look of the sky, it seemed like it would never rain and the bare trees said the same. PL.

As I shiver, I see the ice glaciers stabbing out of the ground. WW.

As I walked into the middle of the mountain, I began to see lots of spikey branches trying to twist up into the sky. AA

I turned another 45o. There was a barren area with “Halloween trees” with dirt laying flat on the land. LM.

Up ahead on the horizon I could see rocks falling like a water fall. MH.

As my eyes opened, I saw the golden sun shining on the crystal blue sky. There was no sign of clouds in the sky. EK.

Surreal and crystalised, the horizon (which creates a piece of art) looks impeccably beautiful as well as perfect memories. Sculpting, the mountains take shape in a dancing way. Showing off their skills, the cliffs and mountains work in synchronisation; creating a sculpted, humongous show. AP.

There are mountains covered in snow for as long as my eyes can take me. My eyes deceive me as I think I see water but it turns out to be the blue sky shining with the sun making the floor as blue as the middle of the ocean. LH.

I saw a fabulous view of rocky mountains. The tip of the mountain was blunt and the jagged rocks were like knifes thirsty for blood. MS.

It’s so quiet here you could hear a pin drop, not a single human in sight. It’s beautiful. GB.

A bit closer to me I saw a repetitive “v-shaped valley” all the way through until it ended. It was layered upon layered for thousand of years. It had moss and dry on it – it looks poisonous! RB.

I could feel with my eyes that it was rough and horrible. I move my eyes to in front of me, I see dry grass like straws in a glass of coca-cola and moss on the floor. MJ.

Although the view was amazing, I had to look at different sights. Wow.. That was a gargutuan and beautiful mountain. It has grass all over. GM.

Brown rocks distanced from sky to ground like hills for giants. SN

The gold rays of sun “sat” on top of the crystal sky.A.V

A fitting conclusion from George K:

In the distance, just beyond the horizon, were blue skies dotted by a small amount of clouds. As I removed the camera from my sight, I realised what an amazing place Africa really is… GK.

Fabulous writing, Mandela Class – keep it up! 

One thought on “#NPATEK Frozen Spires Writing – As I removed the camera from my sight, I realised what an amazing place Africa really is…

  1. An outstanding lesson in year 6. It was clear to see, by your smiles and enthusiasm, that you enjoyed the drama. More importantly though was the imaginative writing that it motivated and inspired you to create. We are extremely impressed and proud of your work, on the Enchanted Kingdom topic, so far and yet it is only the very beginning. Year 6 are definitely ready to escape the ordinary!

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