Key Skills 05/06/15

Literacy Key Skills 04/06/15


This week we have been exposed to the Frozen Spire realm and have learnt all about what it looks like!

On the Mandela blog there are lots of description from each individual in Mandela. Along with this, you each have written some fabulous work in literacy this week.

For this week’s key skills, can you please research night time in these places…

Mount Kenya is a great example to begin with:

Mount Kenya in central Africa is so high that every day is summer, and every night is winter…


Once researched, we want you to write a comparison between the two. For example:

During the day time, the grass sways from side to side in the sun’s rays. However, at night time the grass stands tall and still, frozen.



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  1. In Africa there is a very unusual place called the frozen spires and it has a unique difference between night and day.At night in the frozen spires it is dark and very cold.Eventhough it is called the frozen spires it is not that cold but you would still have to wear a snow suit- this is to keep warm.The Icey peeks of the mountains stand out on the black sky and still cover themselves in clothes.Whereas in the day the sun shines bright and it is very warm.It gets so hot the trees are bare.Still the mountains stay the same and the snow on top doesn’t melt like it should.There is mist every hour of the day and if you are hiking then it is very hard to see.This is the contrast between the day and night in the frozen spires.

  2. During daytime cubs play in the long swaying grass, explorers watching and the sun is shining, but by night it goes quiet the cubs sleep and bigger animals come out searching for their prey.

  3. Mount Kilimanjaro with its three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira, is a non-active volcanic mountain in Tanzania. It is the number 1 highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895 meters above sea level. The temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro range from hot to bitter cold. The journey from the gate to the peak is like traveling from the equator to Antarctica in a matter of days.
    At night time frosts can be encountered and temperatures on the summit can be well below freezing, while in the day time temperatures range from 5 to 15°C.

  4. During day, in the foregrounds of the mountain, all young animals are out and are playing joyfully in the long swaying grass and their surroundings, however at night tall silhouettes of feisty creatures roam the land. In the day time the mountain usually stands tall and if it is sunny, the sun rays bounce off of it. When night falls the mountain turns black as if it had left for the dark side. If the mountain usually has snow on it at day it will stay the same all through the night, never melting. Also the climate may change quickly from hot and humid to suddenly bitter cold and freezing. I t doesn’t bother the animals because the have all got big furry coats on them 24/7 It gets generally colder at the top of the mountain because that’s where the chilly breeze hits first so if I were you I would stay at the bottom of the mountain where it is hotter and nicer!

  5. At night everything is silent predators come out stalk sleeping prey. Shadows dart from place to place. Big predators fly, run and swim to find shelter and prey

  6. In the frozen spires, there is a big difference between day and night. At night time, the grass goes cold and stops swaying. As well as that, on top of the mountains, there is snow and it doesn’t melt because it is so freezing! Compared to that, during day, it gets really hot and the grass sways from the refreshing ambience. Because it is hot, in an enclosed space, there is condensation. If you go climbing a mountain in Africa and you don’t take a drink, you will get really de-hydrated.

  7. During the day elephants find food for their family but at night they fall asleep from all their hard work. Zebras run and play in the day but rest at night. The River that runs through turns into a beautiful waterfall, the sun reflects on it to make a rainbow therefore at night it just stays plain blue. The bright sun shines out in the wonderful sky. At night the sun gets replaced by the massive, snow coloured moon.

  8. in the day everything is active,birds of pray swoop down to there food and snakes slither through the grass searching for food to eat. but a night owls rule the sky and stars light up the frozen spires of Africa.

  9. The frozen spires are in Africa, also the weather changes regularly. Because at night it is freezing cold and very dark ; all the animals are sleeping except nocturnal animals. The temperature changes alot between nothing to 100°+! “Wow!” However, during the day it is humid and hot. Where all animals play and hunt for food. The grass sways in the wind to a beat. The animals have to adapt to this type of lifestyle. The day is hot and humid contrary to this the night which is freezing and bitterly cold.This is the difference between the day in Africa and the night in Africa.

  10. The frozen spires are in Africa some times the weather changes like hot cold and cold to hot. As well the animals like zebras love to run and play around in the grass, some animals love and love to play in the grass as well.

  11. Toubkal, is a mountain in southwestern Morocco. At day, the rocky structures and rough texture are visible and the brown back to the wavy grass and blanket of snow cover the high peak. At night however, you can only see grey blobs in front of a pitch black star filled sky. Night time at the top of the Mount Toubkal is so high, the view of the sun set is magical and beautiful and it’s deserted apart from the rare photographer snatching a photo of the sky.But at day the rock is swarmed with hikers on the most popular mountain to climb. At the foot of the mountain there are many rocks, but further up, deep snow covers every metre.

  12. During the day the Rabbits are free and the Lions rest. On the other hand the Owls rule the sky and the Lions rule the surface of the Forests. All of the rabbits dig holes to survive the night. Meanwhile the Lions hunt for their prey, whilst the Owls watch the sky. As the moon fades and the and the sun rises the Owls fly to the top of a tree. All of the Lions find shelter and sleep.

  13. The frozen spires are surprisingly In Africa witch us probaly a a collosal shock to isnt it? The frozen spires are very mountainus places. Some people say that the wind elegantly blows with your body as it is swaying side to side. In the landscape there are no trees not even polar bears!

  14. Silently, in the night all you can hear is the chirp of birds, or the rattling of a chase. Everything is hidden. There is nothing to be seen. As the sun begins to rise, it illuminates the colossol mountain peeks, shining brighter than the sun!

    During the day everything is active. Loudly, polar bears sprint and skid on the ice, while the great birds are swooping down from the sky, attacking there prey at extremly precise moments. As the sun began to fade, so did the wild life. Most animals were of to sleep, but for others, they just begin there day…

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