#NPATEK Gelada Baboon

This is Steve Backshall reporting from the wildest continent on Earth, Africa.

Wow! What is that? I’ve stumbled across a troupe of baboons here in Ethiopia. This baboon is as hairy as a lion’s mane. It is a herbivore but its teeth are as sharp as a sharpened knife. This animal is truly amazing! It moves extremely fast, in fact it could be Usain Bolt’s twin. The blood red chest looks like a fresh wound. I wouldn’t want to be in battle with this monkey.

Although you know what it looks from this lovely description, you can see the gelada baboon fully below…

FTF_gelada_large gelada-baboon-5

And here is the video that inspired them.

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17 thoughts on “#NPATEK Gelada Baboon

  1. OMG!!!
    This is no ordinary animal. It is as fast as a Cheetah , but looks like a Monkey. It has brown and grey fur and its quite tall. At first I thought that it was a Lion, but as it got closer I started to realised that it was some kind of Monkey. It started to get closer to me when I realised that there was a troupe of Monkeys. They paused, so I went over to them. They seemed calm and relaxed, so I shook their hands and they said hello. It wasn’t very clear but I understood what they were saying. They randomly ran away.

  2. WOW!!!
    Baboons are fluffy because they want to stay warm in the winter. There really fast like cheaters, when they do their viscous roar their skin rolls up. Also they look like they’ve been shot on their chest it makes them look like they have a blood wound. Their teeth are razor sharp like knife made out of rotting bone. Their faces have pink and light blue on them with their eyes full of dark brown

    • I can get a really good image from your description – your simile helped. .
      Please correct the sentence that starts with; There really fast. There, their or they’re?

  3. The baboons have razor sharp teeth. The baboons have really hairy and they have a red chest and they carry there baby’s on the back or the tummy. When they open there mouths , they will show of there teeth , but when they do there upper lip skin goes up and you can see white skin. the baboons are dangerous because they have very sharp teeth so you might want to stay away from them so they don’t bit you. The baboons have a lot of skin on there body so they stay worm where ever they are so they don’t get cold.

  4. Some great facts here. Please check you work and tell me if you should have used there, their or they’re?

  5. this animal is not a normal animal because it fast as a cheetah. This Gelada baboon is not eating meet just grasses and plants.

  6. The grass tingled up my trouser leg. I giggled under my breath, but this was a serious matter-it was time. It was time to kill it! Behind the rock, it is a lion; a plant eating lion. Peeping over the rock, it screeched at me. A high, ear-bleeding scream, that echoed though the Ethiopian mountains. Even my brother in China heard it.
    But its eyes stared at me, like an eagle about to swoop down and eat its prey. His eyes red with anger-scary. Its long brown fur covered most of it, but a red ‘Y’ shape crossed its chest. He was alone, Gelada Baboons are never alone! Where was his congress?
    Then a tiny baboon jumped from behind a bush and fell over. The bigger went over and helped him up. How could I shoot him? He was a dad…

  7. Wow!
    A new discovery, it’s some sort of baboon I’m going to call it Gelada baboon. It is as fast as cheetah. It also has got red breast and razor sharp teeth. As I monitor its behaviour I realise that its vegetarian. It looks like it been shot in the chest where the blood red skin is.

  8. As Archie and I were walking through the
    hills on our walk, we noticed a moving creature
    that was sprinting faster than the speed of light.
    We noticed that it was in groups of other of
    there kind. Their jaws stretched like there mouth
    was made out of elastic! As well as that, when they
    opened their mouths, the skin folded back onto the
    jaw. They have given the name Gelada Baboon
    because it is the Greek root word for ‘beast ape’.

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