Year 6 Rainforest Cafe – 25th June

After many postponements, our Year 6 Rainforest/Nepal aid Cafe is finally going to be taking place on Thursday, 25th June at 14:30 (onwards).

The year sixes will be selling an array of dessert treats which have all been made by the students of Year 6.

There will also be tea and coffee on offer.

I imagine you’re not persuaded yet! So, in the words of Alina:

This June the 25th. The Rainforest Opening is happening…

We need your help NOW! Over 3,000 animals and tribes die every 6 months!
Each pound counts is help for the Rainforest’s unfortunate events!


Will you help us?
Will you save nature?
Will YOU be the change and increase to our world?
But how?


OF COURSE! Come to our delicious café where you will enjoy your 30 minutes of lush, divine and absolutely amazing cuisine.
Nevertheless, the best part is that: you get leisure time in addition to helping!
Here we make raising money fun and helpful in order to interest everybody!
Consequently, it’s as simple as three steps ( make sure you follow the instructions properly!):


1) Come to our place- address below.
2) Buy yourself some of our all inclusive delicacies.
3) Enjoy!


To contact:


And, a poster from Lauren C, Hollie and Parris:

rainforest poster

All money raised will go towards supporting rainforests in the world and also towards aid for Nepal.

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