NTSSF Cricket Success

This afternoon we attended round 2 of the NTSSF cricket league.

In the first game we scored 289 runs to the opponents 204.

In the second game we scored 323 runs to the opponents 224.

Baring in mind you begin on 200, face 8 overs and lose 5 runs for every wicket lost… Both of our first two games scores were phenomenal!

The Semi-finals

We faced Boothville, who had beaten us in a previous tournament, and today the cricketing Gods were on our side!

With 4 more overs to face, Boothville needed 8 runs to secure victory. Our four final bowlers managed to contain Boothville to just 4 runs. We finished on 244 and Boothville on 239. We progressed to the final!

The Final

In the final we faced Lings. Many of the team feared the word “Lings” as they are a fantastic school who win lots.

After a very tight batting innings, Lings finished on 228. A respectable score considering it was a final!

Simon de Senlis stepped up; it couldn’t have been any closer. Archie struck four (FOUR) sixes consecutively; each to the same place. This gave us a comfortable lead.

George and Luke stepped up to finish the game. They both felt that we had the lead. Both of them played defensively all the way through the 12 balls and ensured neither of them were out. We went on to win 250-228!

Fantastic cricket from every one of the nine boys that went to the tournament. Everyone contributed in one way or another. Sixes were hit. Fours were hit. Balls were dropped. Balls were caught. Wickets hit and wicket stumped. Safety shots hit and balls missed. A truly sensational afternoon!

It couldn’t have been a better way for 8 of the 9 players to end their Simon de Senlis careers as they go on to bigger things at secondary school. Good luck!

Congratulations to all of the boys who took part in the whole tournament, including the first round.

What I loved the most about the whole afternoon and each game was that Simon de Senlis proved that cricket is a team game. Collaborating and motivating all of the way through. Well done Simon de Senlis!

The team:

Rohan – great bowling – preventing many many runs.

Tyla P – many runs for the team – very confident batting and bowling.

George K  – team talk talker.

Archie – 4 sixes in a row…

Myles – consistent high quality bowling and fielding. Next year, Myles.

Max – sensational fielding and bowling.

Thomas – composed wicket keeping all afternoon.

George B – great bowling – best progression!

Luke – great defensive batting – holding us in it.

Mr Prosser.

Some pictures:


Delivering the team talk.


The Team.


The captain enjoying himself…


Unique Team Talks.


Medals and Trophy.


The Team After Winning.