New Beginnings – Good Luck Year 7s!

A very good morning so far up in Year 6… Looking forward to this year even more!

We said at the beginning of Year Six in 2014 that at the end of Year Six (confusing) we would blog and communicate about how Year Seven is going! It would be great to hear how well you have all settled in.

It would be a great place to maybe even hear advice from fellow Year Sevens from different schools!

Best of luck to all of you; you will most definitely settle in well and smash it!

Mr Prosser & Mrs Chisholm

9 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Good Luck Year 7s!

  1. Hello it was a really good day today at Campion for me even though I got lost a few times in the school but eventually I found my way and now I know where all the blocks are and where every class is nearly. I want to wish good luck to the new year 6 hope they do all the best in SATs later on the year and in learning. All the best to all my friends which are now in year 7 in different schools. I enjoyed really much having you as my teacher Mr Prosser and Mrs Chisholm. I want to say hello to all the staff in Simon De Senlis that have helped me lots and lots.
    Thank you for everything and I will remember Simon De Senlis always!!!
    Best wishes from Alexandra

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m glad you are enjoying yourself at Campion! It was obvious by the end of Y6 that you were read to go and that you would do well there. We hope that you continue enjoying it!

      Best of luck,

      Mr Prosser and Mrs Chisholm.

  2. Hey, Thank you for the luck and just to let you know, my first 2 days have been great and i wish everyone good luck with year 7 as well; i wish all the teachers good luck with the new class 🙂

    • Hi Gemma,

      I hope this week has also gone very well. Great to see you are using semi-colons now… Secondary school is obviously going well for you!

      Best wishes for the future,

      Mr Prosser and Mrs Chisholm.

  3. Hey everuone, i really enjoy it in y7 sorry for the late posts, been bussy, so far i have good levels and the homework isn’t that scary at all. Got the highest classes for math and english! 🙂

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