Let The Adventure Begin! L’aventure Commence!

A very different week ahead for the whole of year six.The majority will be exploring France, but fifteen year sixes will be going on some exciting adventures here in Northampton. The famous fifteen, 13 children and 2 adults, will keep you posted here on the blog.

Amuse toi bein!

DAY 1  – The Pinnacle Centreimage



23 thoughts on “Let The Adventure Begin! L’aventure Commence!

  1. Today we went to the Pinnacle Centre to go climbing. It was really fun because we failed at first and got better and better. After, we went up a level which was fun but hard at the same time hard and I like hard stuff. After we finished the session we came back and had launch.

  2. Today we went to the pinnacle climbing centre. When we got to climbing centre we learnt how to put all the gear on. We were all very collaborative. When we got to go climbing we were all extremely nervous. We learnt how to tighten the harness up and We all had fun! we learnt how to help each other while climbing. There was lots of pulling evolved too. Team work made it fun…

  3. I enjoyed doing rock climbing. I loved abseiling down the wall despite crashing against the wall. It was a blast. And I am excited for the week ahead. Mostly for the Oxford trip because it is my first time in Oxford and a museum. Also we get 5 pounds spending money at the gift shop. On Friday evening we are going to Frankie’s and Bennie’s. So this week can be summed up in one word. Fun.

    • Sounds like a FUN packed week ahead. The Oxford Museum should provide you with lots of information about WW1- bring back some pamphlets so we can have a look back at school.
      Mrs H

  4. Today we went to The Pinnacle Climbing Centre to do some climbing. When we got there a man called Jourdan and a lady called Sally, told us to put a harness and a safety helmet on and some climbing shoes. We then had to go to a climbing spot in a group, my group was Sophie and Daniela and myself. When finished the climbing with the ropes we took our harness off and went to another room and did some climbing without ropes, it was really hard for me but I did have fun and it was the best day EVER! I hope we could go again someday.

  5. When it got to quarter to 10 we went on the mini bus and headed to the Pinnacle Climbing Centre. At first when we started I was scared so I didn’t get that high. But the next time I tried I got better. We all wanted to go in the cave but we weren’t allowed to. Even though we didn’t get to go in the cave me and my team still had fun. We had four stations so one of them was easy and one of them was hard. I think the smallest one on the wright was the easiest one of them all so I tried to do that one the most. My first go was on the hard one so I didn’t get that far and I didn’t like it at all so I got down. Next time I did I got a little bit higher but not that much. Olcay and Thasnim got to the top and much further than me but I still tried and kept on going. After we had done a bit of the harness climbing we moved on to free climbing without the harnesses, it was harder than I expected. Even though it was hard It was fun at the same time trying new things will be hard but you might get better at it.

    • Well done Michael, you showed resilience- having a go and trying to get a little higher each time, at your own pace. Something to remember next time we tackle something tricky in school 😉
      Mrs H

  6. At the Pinnacle Centre earlier on today we were having so much fun and even though I have a huge fear of heights I shocked myself… I started at the lowest one and got to the top first time. Then I did the middle one and got to the top of that first time. Finally at the highest one I was about to put my hand on the last rock then I slipped and hurt my leg so I had to abseil back down the rope. After we finished climbing the big, medium and high ones with a rope to hold us up on we then went into the bouldering room…
    In the bouldering room we saw lots of climbing frames, but no ropes. We didn’t know exactly what we were doing at first until we were told it was climbing without the ropes. I was very scared but after ten minutes I realised that I had climbed all of the frames! So then we went out of the room and changed our climbing shoes back to our normal shoes and took off our helmets. My hair looked mad! Then I took out my disposable camera and took a photo of all the frames. It was he perfect end to a perfect day.

  7. On Monday, I went to the Pinnacle climbing centre. It was so much fun. First the lady/man told me that I should put on a harness and a safety helmet. So then I went to attach myself to a karabiner so it could hold me while I was wall climbing. I went step by step from a small wall to a huge wall. At first I was a bit scared, but then I got the hang of climbing a huge wall. It was quite fun even though it was a bit frightening at first. IT WAS AWSOME!

    • Sounds like you all had a fabulous time! What a great feeling to be able to achieve something you thought you could never do.
      Enjoy the next few days.
      Mrs H

  8. We had to I really enjoyed rock climbing at the Pinnacle centre and I cant wait till our next trips on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Friday evening. Firstly when we got to the Pinnacle centre we got geared. make sure our shoes fitted perfectly. Also we had to make our helmets fit just right. And then we could get started. On Tuesday we will go to the Salary Forest and build dens in the forest. On Wednesday we are planning a meal then shopping for the meal after that we are going to make it and then eat it. On Thursday we are going to the National history Museum in Oxford. On the last day we are going to the Abington Museum to learn about world war 1. In the evening we are going Fankies and Benny’s.

  9. Today we enjoyed it at the Pinnacle Climbing Centre. First we put on are shoes then we learnt how to put on our harnesses, we were clipped up to the rope then we got in to groups of three or four. Next we started climbing, I was so pleased that I got to the top. Some were easy and some were hard. Then we moved on to climbing without the harnesses that was hard. It was so fun!

    • Well done Emily for reaching the top! Not an easy thing to do. Why do you think they give you the harness first before going without one in the bouldering room?
      Mrs H

  10. At the pinnacle centre today, we were having a fun time climbing the wall. Despite the fact I have a fear of heights I still loved it. I started on the lower area and I completed it, then I worked my way to the larger area and still completed it. I was confidant and encouraging so I was helping everyone to succeed. Especially my friend Samuel, we did very well.

    Bouldering was also a thing I did, there was no rope but it wasn’t that high. It was very hard and on one of them you almost went upside down. I did some of them but all the others were to hard but the instructor was very good.

    • Well done Ben for encouraging and supporting your friends. It is amazing what people can achieve when facing their fears together!
      Mrs H

  11. WOW that sounds like it was an amazing trip that you had in Paris. Also I hope you all are having a good time. How amazing is the Effie tower? I’m sure it is amazing because you all described it so wonderfully. Also Kayla you enjoyed seeing the police chasing the men that’s a bit weird. Anyway it all seems like you are having a great time and I can’t wait till see you all when you come back from France.

  12. That sounds fun I feel like I want to go now but yesterday it was cool. I wonder what you will do next ? I hope you have a great time?

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