Rain, Rain Go Away!

Thank you for coming to school with wellies and raincoats today. Unfortunately, we had to make the decision not to go to Salcey Forest because the rain was relentless. However, a good time was had by all at Gallones Ice cream Parlour.


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11 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away!

  1. I was a bit disapointed that we didn’t go to Salcey Forest today, but I still loved the Gallonies ice-cream parlor. I had salted caremel with orange sauce and and little fugde topping. It was divine. I am looking forward to tomorrow to making my pizza masterpeice called… THE PIZZA KING!

    Yum yum.

  2. It was quite upsetting that our trip to Salcey Forest was cancelled but our trip to the ice-cream parlour was really fun. I had a delicious bubble gum flavoured ice-cream with chocolate sauce with sprinkles. I loved it.

  3. I was really disappointed when our trip to the Salcey Forest was cancelled. But luckily we got to go on a different trip. The different trip was going to a ice cream parlour. I loved it and it made up for the cancelled trip to Salcey Forest.

  4. It was a bit annoying that we didn’t go to Salcey forest! But at least we had fun at Gallone’s ice-cream parlour. On my ice-cream I had bubble gum ice-cream with cherry sauce and popping candy sprinkles.

    Yum Yum….

  5. When I heard we weren’t going to Salcy forest I was so disappointed. Instead of that we went to Gallone’s Ice cream parlour. It was awesome I had chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce as well as fudge pieces. We went up to the counter in 3s and I was in the first 3 so I got lucky to get the third pick. I love Gallone’s ice cream!

  6. Yesterday we had so much fun we went Galllone’s ice-cream parlour I had bubble gum ice-cream but we had so much fun! I can’t what to go another day.

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