A Big Thank You

The France trip was brilliant. This wouldn’t be possible if the children weren’t so enthusiastic, polite, focused and alive!The adjectives could go on and on…

All parents should be extremely proud of how mature and responsible their children behaved this week.

I am looking forward to going back to school on Monday! It will be great to hear about the week for those who didn’t go on this trip. From what I have heard so far, it looks like you’ve had a fantastic week!

Have a great weekend (rest) all – normal service resumes on Monday!

5 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. Thank you to all the staff who took excellent care of everyone. Daisy had an amazing time due to you all arranging such fabulous activities and learning experiences. Thanks again.

  2. Jake had a fantastic time, talking about his France trip all night and showing us his photos and videos he took, giving out presents he brought back. Thankyou to all the teachers who looked after Year 6 and gave them a school trip they will have great memories from and will never forget. X

  3. France was AWESOME!!! I want to go back 🙁 But I am HAPPY to be Home! Thankyou to all the amazing teachers for making this dream a reality and all my friends for helping me and making me laugh! #I love SDS! I will NEVER forget France 2015!
    -Millie Stevenson! x

  4. I had a wonderful week too and couldn’t speak highly enough of the children and the way they behaved throughout the trip – they were a credit to themselves and their parents. It made it a thoroughly enjoyable residential for all the children and staff involved!
    I hope everyone enjoys sharing their stories from the last few days with their families at home and has a good rest this weekend!
    Mr Rees

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