Reflecting Upon Last Week

Last week we all did lots of exciting, new things! As we had members of staff there; we have blogged about the activities and all your parents know what you did, we would like you to reflect upon your week…

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  1. In my opinion Disney Land help me to get over my fear of heights and drops. From my perspective the museum day help me understand that it was not easy to fight in the war as their was a lot of weaponry to carry.

  2. Kierans Blogging Activity
    Last week was amazing. I accomplished a lot of things that I haven’t before. Not necessarily the rides at Disney land but the food in the restraint.
    Trying snails in the corners pub and trying the weird puree desert in flunch. It really gave me a big change in my pallet. It consequently made me feel that I can eat anything that is similar to the sort of foods that it is relevant to.
    But at Disney Land it did change me as a person just a little bit. The reason that done this was, I have never been on an upsidesown rollercoaster before. But me going on space mountain showed me what it was like. As it did a corkscrew and a loop the loop.

  3. What skills have I developed?

    I have learnt how to be independent and if you dread the future you will miss the present and won’t make memories that you can tell and inspire with.

    How have you grown up as a person?

    when I first got to school for France I was frightened I had no confidence and didn’t believe in myself I wanted to go home immediately but on the way home I wanted to stay in France and Mrs Fosbury said to me what happened to that little girl frightened who wanted to go home? france changed me!

  4. Last week here at Simon de Senlis was amazing. We did so many fun activities. Personally my favourite day last week was Thursday because we went to the Natural history museum and Pitt Rivers in Oxford it is the most best and popular museum ever! We were so lucky that we got to go there. I took a picture of the first ever dinosaur bone to be found. It was so amazing!

  5. Last week was amazing doing are own beds, we went to Corner’s pub and Flunch had snails, chicken nuggets, chips, spaghetti bolognaise and ice – cream. We went to a world war one trent, we saw German weapons, French weapons and English weapons also there were motors grenades and snipers. We went to a memorial of soldiers in the war, do you know that the youngest soldier was fourteen years old he was buff and tall and he said he was nineteen. My favourite thing was Disneyland, my favourite ride was tower of terror.

  6. Our first activity which to me was the hardest was making our beds the people in my room found it hard as well as me the people in my room were Jack, Gabriel, Harvey, Oliver and James

  7. On Monday we went to the panicle sender to clime we learnt how to put awed harness on and how to push awed selves to the top . On Tuesday we went to the ice cream parlour we were suppose to go selfie forest but it was poring it down with rain . On Wednesday we went to Tesco to make a pizza we all went to biy the stuff to put one awed pitzars . On Thursday we went to the oxford museum it was so fun !!!! Friday we went to the Abington museum to look at the ww1 I learnt more a bout were it began and how it started.At 5pm we went to frank and beannys.

  8. Last week it was the most fabulous week I have ever had. I experienced lots of new things. When we had to wake up really early in the morning I was very nervous leaving the country with school not family, but as I saw my friends and got onto the coach to go to the euro tunnel I wasn’t as nervous anymore I was as exited as meeting the Queen. The day I went to Disney land I accomplished a lot of my fears like giant rollercoasters and other really scary rides. The tower of terror made me horrified at the start but as we got to the top floor on this crazy dropping tower we all looked at the view of Disney land through the gap then suddenly… It dropped! When it dropped it made my tummy tickle and it was very atmospheric. But sadly when we left Disney land my heart stopped racing with excitement and Disney land was over. In the church I improved on my sketching skills of a flag. I was really scared about going on the euro tunnel but I did it. I usually get really nervous when I sing but when we sang underneath the Eiffel
    Tower I really joined in a concurred my fear of singing in front of people.

  9. On Monday we went to Panache centre everyone loved it! On Tuesday we was meant to go to selcey forest but doe to weather we went to the Ice-Cream parlour yummy! On Wednesday we made pizzas they were so so so yummy while they were coking we went out to play. On Thursday we went to oxford museum and we got to bye what ever we wanted as long as we had a as much as it cost.

  10. When I managed to climb to the top of the biggest wall I conquered my fear of heights. I learnt that all you have to do is don`t look down. It was a really big shock. I became a better climber. I developed the skill of skimming and scanning and ordering things. Adding all the prices of the ingredients made me a much better mathematician. And getting everyone on board. I managed to put my hand up a lot to say my answers and most were right. In the Abington museum I managed to pick out bits from the text and tell the facts to the teacher. In the park I managed to climg to the top of the climbing frame. That was another skill I learnt.

  11. France:
    Wow I can almost feel the exact same adrenaline rush that went through my blood when I awoke at 4am ready to travel to Albert; a week of fun awaited. Like a bomb to my face the crisp, cold, early morning breeze blew my hair and left me shivering with excitement. As I entered the hall the joyful sound of excited children filled my ears. ‘E-J over here!’ was a phrase I heard many a time. I knew then that this week would be filled with memories. Then the week started…

    Over the course of the week I developed many roles and responsibilities that I may have passed over before but this time I worked with a spring in my step, a smile on my face. For example at home I would wake around seven thirty before grabbing a drink a watching TV. Where as in France I sprang out of bed, showered and whistled because I was so happy to be there. My fear of leaving my parents behind faded and by day 2 I had almost forgotten them. I also feel like I grew in maturity over the course the week and I passionately believe that this showed at many points during the week. When I know deep down that I am passionately afraid of rollercoasters in the dark I still conquered my fears to support my best friend when she needed help most. France was an absolutely amazing trip and I hope the year 5’s enjoy themselves next year!

    Year 6 Mandela

  12. Last week whilst my fellow students were in France We did many fun activities over here that helped me conquer my fears and produce many skills.

    The first fear that I conquered was my crippling fear of heights. When we arrived at the Pinnacle Centre my hands began to perspire and my knees began to tremble and I thought I would never be able to get to the top of the low, middle or high climbing frames but I made it to the top all of them and it just fell amazing.

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