Key Skills Club for Year 5 and 6

Key Skills club for Year Five and Six is now up and running!

Every Tuesday at lunchtime Mrs Chisholm will host a Key Skills club for those children who would prefer to do their work in school rather than at home.

A great opportunity for you to organise yourself; we understand some of you may not have a lot of time at home to complete key skills or have access to the resources needed.

Homework Club

Nelson Mandela and Churchill

Our recent home learning has all been about Nelson Mandela.

All of you have discovered different information on him and it’s very interesting.

The other class has researched another interesting leader, Winston Churchill. As he also led an inspirational life, we think it would be important for you to learn all about him too.

Can you find any similarities between Churchill and Mandela? Any major differences? Is there anything about Churchill that you find interesting?

mandela churchill12

The Frog Puzzle

In numeracy today I asked the question: “why do you think I loved that lesson?” Every pupil in the room new precisely why!

The level of resilience, determination and enthusiasm from all was fantastic.

A big thank you to Mandela class for kicking the year off in fantastic style.

If you want to continue the investigation, complete it and maybe challenge yourself further, there is an online version of it here:

The Frog Puzzle 

New Beginnings – Good Luck Year 7s!

A very good morning so far up in Year 6… Looking forward to this year even more!

We said at the beginning of Year Six in 2014 that at the end of Year Six (confusing) we would blog and communicate about how Year Seven is going! It would be great to hear how well you have all settled in.

It would be a great place to maybe even hear advice from fellow Year Sevens from different schools!

Best of luck to all of you; you will most definitely settle in well and smash it!

Mr Prosser & Mrs Chisholm