Key Skills 2nd October ’15


We have been reading Carrie’s War over the last four weeks in school and this will be our class book for the next few weeks. We have learnt some very exciting things about the book so far and we are looking forward to it developing further.

For key skills this week, we want you to write a diary entry from any character you have met so far in the book. You can also choose any day that you want; you should use your book for extra information and references.



Linked to place value – you each have a sheet in your books. Great work this week on place value by the way!


The Year Six team.

3 thoughts on “Key Skills 2nd October ’15

  1. Dear Diary,

    Its been very hard moving from place to another place. Nick puked on ms. Fazerlaceys skirt also ms asked a boy to help me put my mask on properly. when we reached the countryside we were told to have our backs up straight and said sit on our bags,lots of people got picked ; my brother and I were on of the last children in the area and Albert Sandwich was the other child left.A woman called Josephine Evans but she lets us call her aunt Joe, she has a brother named Samuel Evans. I felt sorry for Albert because he was sitting strait and reading his book. Mr.Evans his very religious he say on Sundays no games,no TV and no books except the bible, he was clean very clean and also inportant he worked for the council.
    See you tomorrow diary

    signed : Carrie

  2. Dear diary,

    Today has been a hard day, Nick has been sick and have been looking after him for the past few days. I have been try really had to look after him and the kids and I haven’t been able to have a fun time with my family. Some times I forget that my children are even there even if they ask me a question I don’t even know they’re there because I’m to busy looking after Nick. When we were on the train his face was like a dying-duck and as he struggled to get his case down so then I tried to get it down for him but I made him sneeze as I was jumping on the seat to get his case down.

  3. Dear Diary,
    When we were travelling to London Nick was sick all over Miss Fazackerleys coat. Then when we arrived there went to the Ebenezer Chapel for someone to take us. This lovely women wanted to take me but I said only if you take Nick my brother too. So she decided to take both of us. Her name was Louise but she said we can call her Aunt Lou. We are staying above a a shop. The shop was being owned by Mr Evans He was Aunt Lou brother.On our first night Nick and I could not sleep because Mr Evans was shouting at Aunt Lou. But Nick ruined it when a couple of days later he Stoll some biscuits from the shop and got caught by Mr Evans. Mr Evans got so angry that he almost belted him. Luckily I stepped in and said if you belt him I will tell his teacher. Then he stopped and it was silent for the rest of the day.

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