Our new topic is Conflict. This links perfectly to World War 1 but also opens up learning from different areas of history and current affairs.

In class we discussed whether conflict can be good.

– Does the world need any conflict?

– Can conflict be good? Why?

– How would the world be without any conflict?

11 thoughts on “Conflict

  1. Conflict
    By Millie Stevenson.

    Does the world need conflict?
    Yes! Because conflict makes the rules and laws so the world can be a better place. Conflict is like the back bone of society if you don’t have one it won’t work properly and if the word didn’t have conflict there could be violence and abuse given to everyone and the envoirment we are living in wouldn’t be safe. So I think the world does need conflict!

  2. Conflict is a battle for something. Like WW2, it was a battle for land as Hitler thought that Germany was too small. Debates are a type of conflict aswell, it can be used to create laws, or something to argue about aswell, like whether people should be aloud to smoke with other people around. Conflict is about perspectives, some people might see the other side as wrong, but really, they are.
    Some types of conflict we need in this world, such as the laws, if we didn’t have laws the world would be a battlefield for survival, people with diseases ,such as diabetes, would struggle to live as people wouldn’t be producing the products needed to survive for themselves and people would be killing each other for food.

  3. Dose the world need conflict?
    I think that certain conflicts are needed for example the conflict for what rules are in the country are needed and the conflict for who the primeinister is.
    Can conflict be good?
    Certain conflict can be good because without that conflict the world would be even more chaotic than it already is.
    How would the world be without conflict?
    The world needs conflict so that the government is not corrupt and it would mean the world would be gone.

  4. Kieran`s Blog Post
    Conflict is a battle or a debate about something that people don’t agree on. This concludes different perspectives about the theme and different whitnesses. These can also contain emotions to tell them how they feel about the thing that has happened.
    A good title to example is the WW1 also the WW2 as this started as a debate and grew to a war. Other things could occur in a conflict as a bad outcome or a good outcome. These can also effect the law as people wont agree on everything that other person has stated. It is basically a battle between two sides that don’t agree on the same thing and want what they want.

  5. Does the world need conflict?
    Yes because without conflict the world would be out of balance. Without conflict there wouldn’t be any laws or rules so there would be destruction everywhere it would be chaotic.
    Can conflict be good?
    Yes because with conflict there’s many good thing like laws, rules the envoirment and many more. I could go on and on but that would be to many words.
    How would the world be without any conflict?
    As I said earlier there would be destruction every where no one would survive. There would be criminals every where and the envoirment wouldn’t be good at all.

  6. Gabriel & conflict
    Can the world have good conflict?
    Yes! Of course the world can have good conflict because good conflict has great outcomes. A family that argues has good conflict because if they sort out the argument they will bring the family bond closer together. Conflicts between people are a normal and a part of life, at home and in all our bonds with others. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really accept this fact and we still get surprised and distressed when it’s clear that a conflict has risen. As long as everything is going smoothly, it’s easy to be understanding and respectful of another person’s needs. They are in no way interfering with our own. But the rise of a conflict can change all that–now we can feel threatened, anxious and angry.

  7. Do you think the world needs conflict?
    Yes I do because if the world doesn’t have conflict who would rule our world or our country. We wouldn’t have laws or anything people would go crazy without laws or someone ruling our world. Without conflict people will harm people in the world with animals and creatures alive. If we didn’t have conflict no people in the universe would be earning money and children wouldn’t get Education and wouldn’t learn any thing. People debate on a lot of things through out peoples lives.

  8. I think conflict is really important to this world because if we didn’t have conflict we would not know much extravaganza words like that one. Conflict is good because if Tom and Emily – Jane if they didn’t have conflict in science they help us learn more about planets, stars and life on Mars. If they didn’t argue we would not know much great words such as {extravaganza and concludes} and so on. We have learned more from conflict videos and books.

  9. How would you live without conflict?
    Well I certainly wouldn’t, conflict is where people have arguments and start debates, battles E.g.
    “Why are you eating the last éclair, when mum said I can have it?!”
    That was an example of conflict. Conflict made laws, presidents and much more.
    Conflicts helped me in life so it can help you in life and can help you get your own way.

  10. Conflict is where you have a argument with someone.

    “Well to late! I’m having it!” and then they would carry on until one of them walk off annoyed and up-set and don’t talk to them for a few days and then be friends again. Some time family fight and no one likes family fighting.

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