Key Skills 16.10.15

A very busy week at SdS! But as always, a good one.

For key skills, which is to be completed in your key skills book, you need to do the following:


This week we worked on chapter 4 of Carrie’s War. We used drama to help with our understanding and opinions of the character Mr.Evans. We need you to read chapter 5 – get yourself comfortable and enjoy.


Literacy Key Skills: 

On pages 49 and 50 the character “Gobble-Gobble” is introduced to the book as it appears to chase Carrie and Nick.

For key skills this week, you need to write a character description of this character. Think about if you were a reader – what makes you understand and see a character in your head?

You must use the book to inform your answer – what can you infer from the text that will help you?

Key things:

  • Adjectives
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • Adverbs – how does he/she move?

Maths Key Skills: 

I have posted two (unclear) pictures below… Hopefully they’ll be visible enough! Challenge yourself as much as possible.

Understandably, you may not be able to cut them out and order them, as it’s on the blog – so if you don’t have a paper copy, please just match the appropriate ones in your book.


Harder Key Skills

Harder Key Skills

Easier Key Skills

Easier Key Skills

Have a great weekend! 


One thought on “Key Skills 16.10.15

  1. Literacy Homework Friday 16th October 2015,
    Gobble Gobble
    He is bad yet good, he is light yet dark, he is the monster beneath us all. Like a glowing light bulb he shines whether it’s night or day. With white stones as his skin the earth sucks into his body to form a wolf. With no hesitations he begins to make aggravating whispers that get into your head and ghoulish sighs that make you palpitate. Following on from that when he gets closer to you he begins to make a husky chuckle from which you know it is your last chance. with luminous, lustrous, lambent orange eyes he can see at any darkness, and if you look deep into his eyes he will have you under his spell and by sunrise you will be one of him. This monster is your worst nightmare…
    By Lucy Moore

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