Key Skills 23/10/15

First things first, we have PE on a Tuesday (outdoor) and a Thursday (indoor). So PE kit will be needed on those days.

As we proceed through winter, it will become colder and colder so I suggest that you bring a PE style jumper (rugby top) to this!

As well as key skills (below), you have each had a revision page on OneNote shared with you with regards to the maths we have done so far this year.

Also, you have the opportunity over half term to add to your World War One learning Sways – this isn’t compulsory but an added extra would be great to see!

Have a fantastic half term! We are all thoroughly looking forward to next term. 

Key Skills over half term:


For literacy, you need to read chapters 5 and 6 of Carrie’s War. As well as this, you have each been given a few post-it notes to take notes on anything important that happens on these pages. Alternatively, you could record your notes in your key skills book! It would be good to see this noted in your reading record also.


We have been doing a lot of work on place value and then addition and subtraction, therefore a lot of the key skills is centered around this. You received one sheet for key skills. The sheet had three separate parts to it.

You either had:

1) Key skills 1

2) Key skills 2

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