Key Skills 06.11.15

What a brilliant week!

Fantastic poetry today topped off a fantastic week in Year Six…


Maths Key Skills 06.11


This came as a sheet; however, here it is pasted:

Subordinate clauses and main clauses


Part 1:

In the sentences below can you underline the subordinate clauses?


Despite it being cold outside, I put on my favourite shorts.

Even though the man was 7 feet tall, he wasn’t tall enough for the Guiness World Record Book.

I love walking to school even on Saturdays.

My favourite band, which is One Direction, are going on a break soon.

Although we are in Year Six, we are doing some very complex things.


Part 2:

Complete these sentences so that it makes sense, you may need some more punctuation also:

Due to the fact the sun was shining, ____________________________________________________.

However many times I ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Northampton is a lovely town. However, ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


_____________________________________________________________________________, I often go to Spain.



Part 3:

In your key skills book, stick this sheet in and then:


Write a sentence that has the subordinate clause at the start, then in the middle and then add the end.



Have a great weekend! 



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