Key Skills 13/11/15

A busy yet fantastic week again up in Year Six…

This week:

1) TLCs have been very successful! The students did a fabulous job presenting to both myself and parents. It was great hearing everyone going deep into their learning.

2) The remembrance assembly on Wednesday was carried out with great care and it was very touching.

3) Literacy writing has been fabulous – diaries from “Dulce et decorum est” were great today.

4) Long multiplication is now a well-used method by all of Year Six.

Lots of things to be proud of! The list could go on…

For Key Skills this week:


As we have been looking at WW1 poetry this term, we would like you to find your own example for your key skills homework this week. Write it up in your neatest Kinetic Letters and analyse it using the following questions as prompts (please write up in full sentences!)

  • What is the poem about? What is your interpretation of it?
  • What devices have been used in this poem?
  • Are there any particularly powerful images that are being described? What do these images represent? What do they symbolise/ mea
  • Which language stands out for you? Why have you chosen these examples? How does it make the reader feel?


We have noticed that times tables aren’t our strong point; you have also identified that you could improve with them. Therefore, we want you to practise them at home. Some of you have identified specific numbers to focus on. We want to hear how you have gone about doing this. One way is running/walking up the stairs saying each one for each step. You could put each question on each stair… 3×4 followed by 7×4 – how quickly can you get up and down?

Therefore, can you (in your key skills book) record how you practised and what numbers you practised.


Have a great weekend! 

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