Merry Christmas Everyone!

First of all a huge THANK YOU for all of the beautiful cards and gifts – some very imaginative and interesting ones this year!

Now for our great term, in a nutshell, we have studied WW1, led a very memorable remembrance day assembly, read Carrie’s War and watched the film. Which did you enjoy most, book or film and why? In literacy we have acted out and written about the life of Walter Tull. If you get time to visit the memorial, at Sixfields, take a photo and find a way of sharing it with us. In maths we have worked hard at securing methods for multiplication and division. We are now exploring fractions, so here is a challenge for you – how many pieces can you cut a mince pie into? WARNING, it will get messy! An even bigger challenge is to take time to look at the revision site and play a few of the games. A few minutes a day will go a long way to starting the new year on top form.Revision Link

Thank you for making the last day of term a very festive and fun filled day. We were lucky enough to watch the Enchanted Kingdom, everyone was fascinated to see the seven realms brought to life on a big screen. This was followed by a delicious buffet, the opening of secret Santa presents and a visit from the big man himself, ho ho ho! (Santa not the BFG) We ended the day with board games, including a competitive game of Jenga – well done Jack!

Have a wonderful break with your family and friends and we look forward to an exciting, productive and successful new year.














End of Term Party

Tomorrow is the end of term party…

Can you please remember:

– Party clothes.

– Food that your child has been assigned to (see previous blog post).

– Any games that your child would like to play in the afternoon after the food…


Thank you and Merry Christmas!


The Year Six team.

Carrie’s War

For key skills this week, everyone was asked to finish reading Carrie’s War.

Two questions to think about: 

1) Can you summarise the whole book in a paragraph?

2) Did the ending match the predictions that you had previously made? Did you expect what happened at the end?