Reading Expectations and Who is Reading What?



There is the expectation at Simon de Senils that children are reading to an adult at least three times a week. This needs to be recorded in the reading log and signed by an adult. Please write comments about the book: What is it you like? Who is your favourite character? What is the plot? Mr Prosser will check weekly, sign and leave you a comment.

We encourage you to read all types of text; your target can include reading newspapers, magazines or even song lyrics – what do you enjoy reading?

What are you reading? Is it good? What is it about? 


From the comments, you can see who is reading what… Would be great to take this into a conversation! Perhaps your peer is reading a book you read last month?

Indy – Wolf Children
Sophie – Girl Online
Maesun – Double Act
Tom – The Maze Runner
Daisy – Grandpas Great Escape
Gabriel – Barry Loser
Esther – Hilariously Horrid Joke Book
Glory – Captain Underpants
Emily-Jane – Fairly Tales – The Brothers Grimm
Naveen – Sleuth on Skates
Jack – Hacker
Lucy – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Oliver – Grandpas Great Escape
Thasnim – Girl Online
Josie – Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth
Sarinah – Girl Online
James – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Aleigha – Dork Diaries, Pop Star
Emily – The Anti-Bully Machine
Sarah – Pig Heart Boy
Samuel – Hamper’s Great Escape
Ellie – The Journey to the River Sea (class-read)
Kieran – Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
Isaiah – Demon Dentist
Millie – Girl Online
Jaydon – The Journey to the River Sea (class-read)
Harvey – To be added.


Last week we had our third gymnastic session of 2016. I (Mr Prosser) was very impressed with the quality of feedback, collaboration and determination to improve with every piece of movement during the session.

Our main focuses have been around extension, control and balance which we then moved into routines with unison, canon and mirror being used. Some of it is showcased by the pictures below:

photo 1 Include Include 2 Include photo Include 2 Include 3 Include 4 Include 5 Include Include 3


Well done Year Six!

Science – Living Things

If the school announced that a large amount of the wooded area was to be sold for building land – how would this make you feel? What impact would this have on the animal and plant species that you found living in our school environment? What could you do about this? In your response make sure you refer to the work you have done with Forest Schools.

Outdoor Learning

Year 6 science topic this term includes classification and adaptation, so Mrs DeBoard thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to get out of the classroom and experience a session of Mrs Read’s Forest School. We joined Y1 and Wiggins class with the task of finding and identifying flora and fauna in the wooded area. Everyone enjoyed the hands on learning and the freedom of exploring our school woodland environment. Year 1 had the responsibility of providing year 6 with their expert knowledge and as you can see by the photos below, communication and team work skills were displayed throughout the session.
We have lots of photos and information to use in our lesson next week.
Thank you Mrs Read, year 1 and Wiggins class for sharing your expert knowledge on plants and animals.

image imageimageimage image

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Learn Times Tables



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