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If the school announced that a large amount of the wooded area was to be sold for building land – how would this make you feel? What impact would this have on the animal and plant species that you found living in our school environment? What could you do about this? In your response make sure you refer to the work you have done with Forest Schools.

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  1. We think that this would affect not only us but the animals that live in the area. As the area is most likely to be bulldozed, the animals will lose their homes. This not only affect a couple of animals but maybe near 100 of them. 100s of insects may live in this area, this will take away their homes in the trees, ground and under rocks. This will not only affect insects but birds as well. There may be around 10 to 20 of these in the area and this cannot be allowed. They possibly took around a month to build these, that’s another month to rebuild another nest in another place.
    As it we use this land for forest school in KS1 etc. We think it is highly unfair on us as they have not taken our opinion. It doesn’t only hurt them, but as well, we use this land for various things, we have the apparatus, the equipment shed, lots of nice trees on the land. The younger kids like to play tag and other games on the land and this will end these, they will have to find another place to base their games. We were also thinking of putting up birdhouses and feeders to attract more birds, planting more flowers and plants. We were going to make the land look nice for a change.
    These are the reasons that we think the land should be kept for our sake.

    • The school field is clearly very important to both the wildlife and you. I think putting bird feeders up is an excellent idea. You have explained how this would affect the animals and given good reasons why we should keep this land.

  2. People clearing land to build, makes us feel: upset and distraught. They are not only effecting you but they are effecting the animals, their habitats and their life altogether! Imagine if you were one of those animals, you wouldn’t like it would you? We need to re-plant and build habitats for the animals! If we all work together against those mean builders we can save the animals! Are you with us?…

    • ‘Imagine if you were an animal, you wouldn’t like it would you?’ Makes the reader think about the problems it will cause.

  3. Recently I have heard that the wooded area might be sold for building space. In my opinion, I think that is a bad idea. Many children are learning about the wildlife and how to take care of trees, plants and many of the living things in that area. This will not only limit the space for the children and I, but it will destroy many habitats. The whole of year 6 have been to forest school with the year 1 children and seen what lives there. How would you feel if year 6 went away knowing the children yet to be at this school will not have the chance to experience the memories we have had?

    • A thought provoking response, well done. Before Forest School, did you realise how many living things there actually are in our wooded area?

  4. A few days ago the year 1’s did forest school to investigate all the animals that live on our field to the different animals that live in this beautiful nature. How would you like this if this happened to your school. All the animals like birds, ants, fox’s and all the other wild animals will have to find a new home to make their den. The nests from the birds might of taken a month to build, so is should not happen to these poor animals

    • Birds nests are really important and also many other habitats would be destroyed. How many species did you find in that hour? How can we help attract the creatures to other parts of the field?

  5. How could you for the kids that play in forest school exploring the children after them wont able to experience that so it wouldn’t fair when year 6 leave memories will be destroyed nothing to remember them. So you can look back on all memories now persuade them to stop.

  6. The wooded area in our school, you can’t take it away. You see so many children and animals benefit from the area – it’s a home to so many. It would me a horror to us all. We benefit from clear minds because of the oxygen that we are provided with. We love our woods. There are hundreds of places for houses but not hundreds of places for these poor , innocent creatures. We recently did a session with the Year 1 Forest School (which they would no longer be able to do) and investigated further into the wonders of the woods. Below are some pictures of our discoveries:

    Could you really destroy the happieness of these children? I mean just look how happy they are! Could you really destroy the potential of our future genaration?
    You wouldn’t like to be kicked out of YOUR home?
    Even the tinest creatures deserve to stay !

    Keep our forest and keep happiness breathing!

    • Some excellent emotive language – ‘it would be a horror to us all’ ‘could you really destroy the happiness of these children?’ A very thought provoking response.

  7. If this was stated to happen then all he living things: creatures, animals, birds habitats would be destroyed. This is an advertisement towards the school. This very woods holds thousands of memories that have happened within our childhood. How would you feel if the only memories we hold in our school lives was the woods. Also not just the older children will miss this amazing place; the little children wont be able to do forest schools, play in the woods (reception) and all the things they can discover and enhance them.

    • To destroy habitats would be an advertisement to the school – powerful. What could you do with any remaining land to help al the living things you found?

  8. Personally, we strongly believe that this is NOT acceptable. Not only would you affect our play area but many animals’ homes, for instance: Squirrels, foxes, rabbits and millennial insects. If you were to do this, destroy all the beautiful memories and homes there are; you mould be making a Prodigious mistake. Just ask yourself how you like it if your land was demolished? Then you would straight away have your answer.

    • Prodigious – keep up with the ambitious vocab. What could you do with the remaining land to encourage more wildlife to our field?

  9. A few days ago, our year group went out class by class into our woods; we had some special helpers so we could find everything we needed… the year1 classes! We searched through the woods and found lots of intresting things. By Daisy

  10. This would make us angry and upset as we have so many memory’s that will be lost in the destruction. However it is not about us this is about the wild life that we will lose and even though we did not get the chance to future generations and generations that are doing it right now will get to do forest schools and learn how to help wild life and without wild life we won’t enjoy birds and animals that people want to see.

  11. Getting rid of our field would have a MASSIVE impact on our school life it would eliminate lots off clubs and in the summer we wouldn’t be able to go on the playground because it would be packed but that is not the reason. It is nature that matters. It takes about a year to build new houses but about a month to build a habitat for animals. The main thing were getting at is, destroying the field will get rid of many habitats. It is not nice to destroy animal homes because what would you feel like if a giant machine came and destroyed your home in front of your eyes.

  12. We certainly wouldn`t like that. Nature is beautiful. You must embrace it. It deserves to live for thousands of years. How would you feel? Having to live with the fact that when the year sixes have left with many amazing memories but the children of the future will not experience what us year sixes have experienced! Right now we are praying to keep our wood/Greenland. But we can’t just pray we have to PROTEST! Memories will be crushed as well as animals. Habitats and play areas. If you care about us and all of those poor innocent creatures. Then help us defeat the beastly destroyers.

    By Millie and Thasnim

  13. We would feel heartbroken; we could set up animal feeders, animals live in our School, we can grow vegetables we can give them a better life a greater life a advanced life one that they will love and one that they will remember. We will be eternally grateful if you stop it.

    • Eternally grateful – you certainly can’t be any more grateful than that! Remember commas for a list – check your text, where do you need to use them?

  14. This horrible disaster will affect the hole school, lots of wonders can be found in the forest
    There is lots animal can be found that could make little children go on an a adventures.

  15. Wow! Amazingly detailed responses Mandela class. You clearly have very strong views about the planned development and its effect on both the wildlife, plants and our school community.

    We now need to use the science knowledge we have about living things to support our pleas to abandon this building project. Next week we will look at the evidence you found during our field work and start classifying them to demonstrate the biodiversity of the site.

    Mrs de B

  16. I have enjoyed reading your responses Mandela class, it is wonderful to see how passionate you all feel about this topic.
    I am happy that you found Forest School helpful and that you have used the evidence that you found to strengthen your arguments.
    Your suggestions for improving the school woodlands are very good, maybe this is something we could all work together to achieve in the future?
    Mrs Read

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