National Storytelling Week

This week is National Storytelling Week and we would like to know what your favourite story is and why? Ask your parents what their favourite childhood book is and get them to post a comment about it too.

Mr Prosser’s favourite childhood book (series) is A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Although as a child I was engrossed in Harry Potter, and for each release (after the third) I queued at 6am on the release days, this series of thirteen books had me hooked from day one. I loved how the author didn’t just tell a story; he created fantastic characters that portrayed their personalities at the perfect moments; he had pages of humour – places other authors dare not go. The way things would be repeated or a page would just be black print. Furthermore, the character of Count Olaf (played by Jim Carrey in the film adaptation) was one who re-appeared throughout the books; you knew it was him, as did the children, but the surrounding adults were unaware – kind of like a pantomime. As there are thirteen books, it is hard to choose a specific book as my favourite – particular mentions go out to number 2 – The Reptile Room and number 8 – The Hostile Hospital.

Only at this point, several years after reading them, have I only noticed that each book of the series is written using alliteration… Interesting.


Mrs Chisholm’s favourite childhood book is Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree. This is a story about three children who live by an enchanted wood and in the wood is the Faraway Tree – a huge tree inhabited by fairy-folk and its topmost branches lead to ever changing magical lands above the swirling clouds. Lands like the Land of Spells and the crazy Land of Topsy Turvy. My favourite character is Moon-Face because he has a slide in the middle of his house which lets you slide rapidly down to the bottom of the tree. I loved reading about each land, never knowing where they would go next and meeting exciting, unusual characters. Reading these adventures was like dreaming while you were awake.

Mrs Carter’s favourite book is one that she read to her own children and grandchildren. It’s title is ‘Little Beaver and the Echo’ by Amy MacDonald and there are some wonderful illustrations by Sarah Fox- Davies.

The story is about a little  beaver who is feeling very lonely as he has no brothers, sisters or friends.  One day he is crying at the edge of the pond and he hears someone else crying from across the pond. He says to himself ‘Who can that be crying. They sound so lonely and need a friend.’  So he gets in his boat to find out who it could be. Little Beaver does not find out who is crying, but on his travels he meets up with  a duck, an otter and a turtle he asked them if they new who was crying on the edge of the pond as they sound so alone and need a friend like Little Beaver does.They do not know who is crying but all say that they will be Little Beavers friend. At the end  of the story he shouts “Hooray! I have Lots of friends now.” and a voice from across the pond replies “Hooray! I have lots of friends now.”

There are a few exciting books coming out this year, have a look at the link. Good Reads 2016

Thasnim’s evidence of her reading…


TI reading


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  1. I particularly enjoy the Roahl Dahl books especially ‘The Twits’. It is a great book of classic events when the, two husband and wife pull a set of dirty tricks on each other including – the frog in the bed, wormy spaghetti, the old walking stick, the shrinks and many more. Finally their monkeys and the roly-poly bird really send them off… I would recommend it for people of all ages.

  2. I particularly enjoy the Roahl Dahl books especially ‘The Twits’. It is a great book of classic events when the, two husband and wife pull a set of dirty tricks on each other including – the frog in the bed, wormy spaghetti, the old walking stick, the shrinks and many more. Finally their monkeys and the roly-poly bird really send them off… I would recommend it for peoples of all ages.

  3. I love many books like Dork Diaries, Diary of the Wimpey kid, Harry Potter and many more but I have to say I don’t have a favourite book because there is so much to choose from. I love these books because they’re so exciting especially the Harry Potter books. There are many Harry Potter books but I can’t pick a favourite from all of them. And that’s the same as Dork Diaries and Diary of the Wimpey kids I can’t choose a favourite! The most exiting book is Harry Potter and I love the mysteries in the books if I had to put these books from the best then first would be Harry Potter then Diary of the Wimpey kid and last but not least Dork diaries. I recommend that you should read these books! Go to a shop now to by these books! If you have read these books then which one is the best book? But if you haven’t read these book then search about what these books are about and then think which is the best book.

  4. Top ten books that I personally really love:

    5: Bleach
    This book is based on an anime called Bleach, the anime is a 15 Rated because of the words, theres swear words (rarely though)
    The story begins with a 15 year old called Ichigo Kurosaki who is a teenager who can see ghosts, a talent which lets him meet supernatural trespasser Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia is one of the Soul Reapers, soldiers trusted with ushering the souls of the dead from the World of the Living to the Soul Society (尸魂界(ソウル·ソサエティ) Sōru Sosaeti?)—the afterlife realm from which she originates—and with fighting Hollows, monstrous lost souls who can harm both ghosts and humans. When she is severely wounded defending Ichigo from a Hollow she is pursuing, Rukia transfers her Spirit Pressure (霊圧 Reiatsu?) to Ichigo so that he may fight in her stead while she recovers her strength. Rukia is thereby trapped in an ordinary human body, and must advise Ichigo as he balances the demands of his substitute Soul Reaper duties and attending high school. For aid in hunting the Hollows, the pair ally with a trio of other spiritually empowered teenagers: Ichigo’s high school classmate Orihime Inoue, best friend Yasutora “Chad” Sado, and the Quincy Uryū Ishida.
    Eventually, Rukia is arrested by her Soul Reaper superiors and sentenced to death for the illegal act of transferring her powers into a human.
    4: a cat called bob
    Yes, this has 2 swears and about 5 cusses because this is about drugs and life saving, it’s the story about James bowie (I think so anyway) basically James finds a street cat and James thinks he’s abandoned, so he takes care of him
    3: I have absolutly no idea, lol

    2: factual books about video games, lol

    You knew this was coming!

    1: wolf children

    Another book based on anime (but this is a film) it’s a long book through a storyline of 13 years, Hana is a 19-year-old student who falls in a “fairy-tale like” love with a “wolf man”. Over the course of the 13-year story Hana gives birth to two children – older sister Yuki, and younger brother Ame, or “Snow and Rain”. At first the family quietly lives in the city trying to hide their wolf heritage, but when the “wolf man” suddenly dies Hana makes the decision to move to a rural town, far from their previous city life.

    • All the Japanese writing, I used Google translate to translate it, and copied and pasted the Japanese writing into the comment, :):):D 🙂 😀 X_X

  5. The beasts of Blackwater

    It is a great book it had so many ups and down it was just a joy in my life then and I still to this day i love it, it just enlightens my day. Ever since I heard of the book my life was engrossed in it, my eyes were transfixed and my sleep was shortened, for to me that was the greatest most glorious most amazing book in the world! I think that the reason why I liked it was because

  6. Although I haven’t finished it, my favourite book is Pig Heat Boy. It has so many twists and turns; it has so much suspense and as much as reading isn’t my preferred thing to do this book has me gripped. All the pages make me have many predictions. I’m only 1/5 (20%) through the book and I have had about 50 different predictions. I would highly recommend this book to children aged 10-11. So many questions are running through my head right now: will Cameron die? Will the doctor get bad publicity? After the surgery will Cameron live to about 70? It was write by Malorie Blackman. I’m suspecting that all her books will be phenomenal…

  7. I particularly enjoy the Roahl Dahl books especially ‘The Twits’. It is a great book of classic events when the two, husband and wife pull a set of dirty tricks on each other including – the frog in the bed, wormy spaghetti, the old walking stick, the shrinks and many more. Finally their monkeys and the roly-poly bird really send them off… I would recommend it for peoples of all ages. Do you want to share their adventure?

  8. Hi I am Maesun and my favourite book is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Old School. It is a very funny book, by Jeff Kinney for kids and adults. It is about a boy called Greg; his mum decides to turn all tech of and tries to get people to go out-side. (It worked!) Greg loves tech and he is trying to find a way to get away from it but he isn’t really an out-door person and he just does better with technology. Greg will never go old school, or will he? Why don’t you read it and go on a journey with Greg…
    There are lots of other books to be read. You could read one to!

  9. My favourite book is Harry potter and the Half-Blood prince because, it really shows the characters and the emotions of the book when Professor Snape Killed Dumbledore by using a spell to knock him of Hogwarts I find this bit of the film depressing. I mainly like Harry potter because the book explains every little detail and you have a clear imagination of what the setting and what, the characters look like. In most films and books throughout the whole series the characters don’t change there style where as, in this series each time they are two years older. My favourite boy character is Harry potter and my favourite girl character is Hermione Granger. Harry potter is quite an old film but really good you should try watching it for yourself. Harry potter is a very emotional book a lot of people die and I wish I went to the school what about you?

  10. My favourite book is Match Day 2016 it is about football and it tells you all about football players and all of the leagues like the BPL and the Bundesliga. It also tells you information about like when the stadium was built and its shows you pictures of what it looked like then and then it shows you what it now looks now the comparison. It tells you about what the players say in interviews and it’s a very good book if you’re into football. There is sections about every team so whatever team you support you can look at that page and see what they put. Sometimes it tells you what cars they have and what team they might be interested in moving to. It tells you what amounts of money they get and when they move teams it tells you what wages they want and it’s just a very good book if you want to look at football information. It tells you about the managers when they are sacked or something like that. I really like the book because I really like football so that’s why I always read this book also I’ve read all of the Match Day live books so I always enjoy them.

  11. The Maze Runner is one of the most exhilarating books I have ever read (so far). The main character is a 16 year old boy who has been working for a company that sends various people into a virtual reality world that simulates a world with fantasy creatures that turn people into living nightmares. When someone is sent into the world their minds are wiped of everthing but their minds. The place Thomas (the main character) was sent to is called the Glade. The Glade is populated by Gladers, people that are sent in once a month one by one into the many acres of lime green grass. The Glade is surrounded by a maze, a maze that moves. Runners are Gladers that run through the maze mapping as they go. It is spilt into 7 sectors, each one different from the next. As Thomas runs through the maze ,after being voted as a runner, he discovers a new part of maze. A hole in the wall of sector 7, the home of the Grievers. Grievers are half robotic half living creatures. They have a variety of weapons, the most deadly of the creatures weapons is an injection that turns people into cereal killers. They are corrupted and lose the sane part of their minds and practically turn into a Griever. At the moment I am at the point where they have killed a Griever with a code on a power core, they are going to go into the grievers home and try to see if there is anything that they can do with the code. After watching the film, my prediction is that they will put the code into the a door at the end of the home of the grievers, they will then make their way out of the Glade and into the next sector, the scorch trials. This is set in a world that has been inflicted with solar grade heat and has turned the floor into scorching sand hence it’s called the scorch trials. The next few books have not been made into films yet and are currently being filmed. The next films are the death trials (something along those lines) and then the death cure. There are some people leading the project (outside of the virtual reality world) and by the the end of the maze runner, you can tell are up to something by the way they talk to each other, in a sly, mean, aggressive voices. By the way I take this, they are going to keep them in the virtual reality after and Thomas realises what’s going on and somehow manages to rebel and free his friends…

  12. Glory’s favourite book is Captain Underpants this is my favourite book now ; my favourite book when I was 5 my favourite book is Kipper the Dog its a book about a dog that has a bunch of adventures in his house this is a brief summary{Kipper the Dog is a character in a series of books for preschool-age children by British writer Mick Inkpen.}I liked it because ots has a bit of narritve at the back and it makes it funny.Also about captain underpants its my favouite book because it is hilarious it has a comedy book it makes me laugh all the time! If you like books that have flip-o-rama and books by Dav Pickley this is a link to a little way to find how to do it {} Did you like the flip? I did! This book makes suspence, drama, and action. if you like all the books that Dav Pickley has written you will love all the books he can make in the future! If you like Books with no colour and have big alliteration buy it!!!

  13. My favourite book that I like is Hampers great escape this is because there is five characters the mane character is a hamster that is escaping from his cage, his owner is called Sam and his sister is called Clare Sam was not doing one step right of tacking Hamper out of the cage and run around the kitchen because Sam’s granddad said to not let Hamper out for a quick run.

  14. Would you like to know what my favourite book is?

    My favourite book is Username: Evie by Joe Sugg.

    It is a story about a girl name Evie who lives with her father who was widowed when his wife ,Evie’s mother, died years ago. But Evie’s dad is diagnosed with cancer and when Evie comes home from school one day she found her beloved father had passed away. Later on in the book Evie finds that her father had been creating her a virtual world on the computer all of these years. She explores her virtual world and discovers she gets trapped in her world…
    You are going to have to buy it to find out what happened next!
    Did you know Username: Evie was the only book I have read in the space of two hours!
    Thank you for reading!

  15. Demon dentist is my favourite book I’m still reading it is written by David Walliams it is very good book ; the storyline on all of his book are amazing but this one especially this stands out for me. Its all so a modern book which I personally like also it is illustrated by Quentin Blake so if you read Roald dahl you might like this one. Furthermore in the book there is made up words that you have to notice it’s a very cool feature. The storyline is a boy ,who hats going to the dentist, has shocking teeth, he lives with his dad in a terrible bungalow due to the fact they aren’t wealthy reason is because his dad has a breathing problem because he used to work down in a coal mine everyday his health becomes worse so a social worker comes o take care of them Alfie (the boy) thinks she just making everything worse also she booked Alfie a Dentist appointment…

  16. My faviroute book was, beast quest Graskor. This is a very good book as it gives a lot of tension as it is the last one. There are 106 books before this one which include 16 series; when you come around to this one, it is amazing. These two characters had been battling it out throughout the 106previous ones. But when the last one hits it`s amazing. Graskor Is a massive colossal gate guard that holds the key to the dungeon. Tom (the main character) is trying to defeat Graskor in the dungeon. This book is great for people who like adventure and beast – mainly mythical creatures. Beast Quest go onto this link!

  17. My favourite Book so far in my life is slightly problematic. This is because I have three! So here they are Inventions By James Robinson My favourite pages are the two about Aviation. It has the latest war plane and chopper. The second one is Fantastic Mr Fox and the versions of it variate from the story to the film but they have the same base line of a Fox and his family stealing from some farmers and they get very angry and find his whole and they get tractors and start digging and then they steal food from the farmers from a underground tunnel. Then for my favourite book Grandpas Great Escape I have not read it all so I can’t give a review.

  18. Would you like to know what my favourite book is?

    My favourite book is Username: Evie by Joe Sugg.

    It is a story about a girl name Evie who lives with her father who was widowed when his wife ,Evie’s mother, died years ago. But Evie’s dad is diagnosed with cancer and when Evie comes home from school one day she found her beloved father had passed away. Later on in the book Evie finds that her father had been creating her a virtual world on the computer all of these years. She explores her virtual world and discovers she gets trapped in her world…
    You are going to have to buy it to find out what happened next!
    Did you know Username: Evie was the only book I have read in the space of two hours!
    Thank you for reading!
    By Millie Stevenson.

  19. This task brings me to a dilemma as I have 2 favourite books. My first favourite book(s) are the series of Harry Potter. Though I love the whole series, The Goblet Of Fire wins the overall liking for me. Saying that, the Half Blood Prince is also an incredible book carrying the tragic death of Professor Dumbledore, hence the new teacher, the awful one, coming in the pending one. Anyway, The Goblet Of Fire is when Harry seeks his true potential in the Tri-Wizard Cup. Harry did not put his name in the cup as under 17’s were band but someone did, someone out to get him, someone out to end Harry Potter… That is all I will tell you about Harry Potter because I don’t want to spoil it for you. Now is your chance to read them and be transformed into your own Harry Potter world, not the one in Universal Studios, but your own one that is even better!
    Secondly, my other favourite book is Guinness world record 2016! This book is so inspiring to me that I have even started with some of my greatest friends a… Senlis Sway Of Records 2016! Curtesy of Mr Rees Senlis Records. Moving on from that, the book is phenomenal, an some of the records are flawless: most juggles of chainsaws on, tallest moving bike, most bone tattoos of skeletons on body and many more. I highly recommend this book anyone interested in crazy things because the records, the ones that are not really records, are really heart-breaking and inspiring. For example, at the end of each page there is a story, yes it involves records but there is heart touching things that hit you when you read it. The records wouldn’t be made if some of the things that they went through to get them to make it is incredible. Please read this if you can.
    Oops! I may have forgotten one book, George’s Marvellous medicine… This book is outstanding because it is so imaginative, you can even tell this through just reaing. Blood and sweat has gone into that book because it smells of it. Joking! It is just because the amount of vocabulary is roofless. Literally, there is no end of it! There is one there, and there, and there, and there! You wouldn’t believe it until you see it. The story itself is really good because the background to why he brews uo this marvellous medicine is horrible, but as always in Roald Dahl Books there is a way to get around it. He brews up a reverse medicine and the person he uses it on goes… BOOM! Then when he looks at them he couldn’t see them. Well that is it from me, hope you enjoyed!
    Lucy Moore

  20. My Favourite Book…
    There is a book that made my love of reading strengthen. It has to be the tale of the worst couple ever. It is the… Twits. Every chapter made me laugh mad like a devious hyena. There is even evidence is of my love of The Twits. In my reading record in the first page there is… Well you have to see it.

    My favourite chapter has to be when Mr Twit makes Mrs Twit think she has an immune disease called the Shrinks that makes you shrink. HILAREIOUS! I also like another book that Roald Dahl wrote called the BFG ( the big friendly giant). I recommend the BFG and The Twits. You won`t regret it.

  21. My favourite book as a childhood memory is Rainbow magic “Gemma The Gymnastic Fairy” because I’ve always loved gymnastics. I teach myself! This story tells a lot about the naughty goblins stealing a piece of equipment and the two girls, named Rachel and Kirsty. They’re getting ready for the fairy Olympics but a piece of Gemma’s equipment, ribbon has been stolen by the nasty goblins. Jack Frost is the meanest one of all times, he’s the leader of all the goblins! I really like this book because it tells a really interesting story! I was intrigued with some of these rainbow magic storys when I was from the age 6 to 8. For two years. This book was written by Daisy Meadows and illustrated by Georgie Ripper. Daisy Meadows is the highly successful author of over eighty Rainbow Magic books, including audio and special editions (three books in one). I realy enjoyed this when I was younger and I hope you enjoyed my review on Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy. Parents please comment on the blog about your childhood books. I love this book so much!

  22. Malory Towers – Enid Blyton

    A book of Life and Laughter…

    This was Emily-Jane’s favourite book since she read them first when she was 7. A wonderful mixture of fantasy and real life is portrayed through the 12 books. The first six series are about older sister Darrell who really embraces the joys and privileges of a boarding school. Midnight feasts , pool parties , thieves and much more. The final six are about Darrell sister Felicity and her transformation from a pop star princess into one of the many amazing women that run our universe. A single message is delivered by Miss Grayling when they enter the school and it seems to have stuck with me :
    ‘ All that we ask is that you give as much as you can to Malory Towers. If you try your hardest we will do our best to return the favour. You will one day leave us and go out into the world as young women. We do not count our successes as those who are talented or those who win scholarships however they are praised very much but those who will leave this world as strong , firm brave and kind-hearted women who will do us proud.’
    Life as girl is portrayed so well by Enid Blyton. Below are all 12 books , how many can you name ? :
     First Term – Malory Towers
     Second Term Malory Towers
     Third Term Malory Towers
     In The Fourth Malory Towers
     Upper Fifth Malory Towers
     Last Term Malory Towers
     New Term Malory Towers
     Summer Term Malory Towers
     Winter Term Malory Towers
     Fun and Games Malory Towers
     Secrets Malory Towers
     Goodbye Malory Towers

  23. My favourite book goes by the name of ‘Girl Online’ –Zoe Sugg. Zoe is an extremely successful you tuber ,who recently hit 10million subscribers. I personally think that a lot of girls can relate to this book. Believe it or not, Zoe took notes from her diary from her teenage years. I would personaly recommend this book to absolutely Her YouTube channel content also contains: hair, beauty and fashion much to every girls love! The youTube sensation, brought out a beauty range called ‘The Zoella beauty Range.’ Which I am yet to buy!

  24. It’s very hard to pick a favourite book- there have been so many! Each one has transported me to a different world, way of thinking and of seeing the world and the many colourful characters in it.

    My favourite though, would have to be the “Little house on the Prairie” books. They are autobiographical and written by Laura Ingalls. They tell of her family’s life as pioneers in mid America in the 19th century. The books are written from the youthful perspective of Laura,which helped me as a young reader to relate to her, and tell about the hardships they faced in surviving a harsh environment- including threats from native Americans, both locusts and fire destroying their crops and also illness. (Laura’s sister loses her sight after suffering Scarlet fever)
    Does anyone remember Maesun dressing as Laura Ingalls for world book day a few years ago?!….
    This series was also televised which was so exciting for me as a child to see the pictures I had conjured up in my mind brought to life. Even more exciting was being able to visit the homestead and land in South Dakota where the Ingalls family lived in real life. A dream come true!! And just as I imagined!

    Other books I have to mention that I devoured were the ‘sweet valley high’ series of books about twins and their school life and growing up. Also the babysitters club books- it was always one of my favourite moments when a new book came out and I would be content with my nose in the pages for hours! The author Judy Blume also cemented my love of all books for young adults, and I was a huge fan of reading about life as a young person in America and how a lot of the things they experienced were things that were happening to my friends and I too. Whatever the genre of story, there is always something to broaden our mind.

    I’m going on now but I can’t write about influential books without mentioning ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ My mum insisted I read this book and inform myself on the horrors of the holocaust in WW2. This book must be read. I was also privileged to visit the house in Amsterdam where Anne and her family hid from the Germans for years before being captured-it was a very moving experience to see the words she had penned so long before become reality- and this really is the beauty of storytelling. We all have a story- share it with the gift of words you have been given, you never know how YOU may influence the world with the story you have to tell. And I think every single comment on this blog shows just how true that is.

  25. I really enjoyed reading your comment. I also enjoyed watching the TV series ‘Little House on the Prairie’ as a child. I’ve recently watched them again on the True Entertainment Channel and many episodes still make me cry.

  26. I have a lot of favourite books but one of my favourites is called ‘Red Queen’, a young adult fantasy novel written by Victoria Aveyard. This book is set in a world divided by blood – red or silver. The Reds are commoners, ruled by the Silvers who are in possession of god-like superpowers.

    The protagonist, 17 year old Mare Barrow, finds that she possesses a deadly power like the Silvers despite her red blood, threatening to destroy the balance in power. Fearful of Mare’s potential, the Silvers hide her in plain view, declaring her a long-lost Silver princess who is now engaged to a Silver prince. Despite knowing that one misstep would mean her death, Mare works silently to help the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, and bring down the Silver regime.

    I like this book because it represents strong female characters, class and the corruption in society which are not shown in books often enough.

    Mare also becomes homies with the two princes and there are loads of plot twists and betrayal that I’m still recovering from, if I ever will. Plus, Mare kicks everyone’s butt so what’s not to like?

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