Key Skills 05/02/16

Key Skills for this week!


Two things this week:

  1. Encourage your parents to use the blog – commenting on the National Story Week about their favourite childhood book. Isaiah explained that rather than parents commenting themselves, you could interview them around the book and then write on their behalf, eg/ “my dad’s favourite book…”
  2. You need to read chapter 3 of The Journey to the River Sea. Following this, I want you (using the post-it notes I gave you) to summarise chapter 3 on one post-it note and then summarise the book so far on the other. This is just a summary! Don’t write too much. Post this post-it note inside your book.


Mr Prosser’s maths class each received a protractor and a sheet containing five shapes that need to be drawn accurately using the protractor and the ruler. Either to be completed directly in the key skills book or on a blank sheet that will be stuck in. Presentation may be better on a blank piece of paper!


Have a fantastic weekend and well done on a good week in Year Six! 

Mr prosser.

7 thoughts on “Key Skills 05/02/16

  1. I asked my mum (Sara) what her favourite book was that she enjoyed reading in her childhood. Her response to that question was ‘The adventures of Mr pink-whistle’ who’s author is Enid Blyton. This book has a lot of pictures almost one every few pages! Also my mum said that this book had been passed down from her dad down to her and now down to me, this makes the book even more special to our family. Mr pink-whistle was published in 1951 that makes the book 64 years old! when I was younger (about two or three) both of my parents use to read this to me so that I would go to sleep. when I was four apparently I found some colouring pens and decided to colour in some of the pictures in bright pink and blue colours.

  2. For my homework this week I have asked my Mum (Martine) what her favourite book was when she was younger. Here is what she said when I asked her some questions:

    What was your favourite book when you was little?

    “When I was 14/15 it was ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. When I was 11 it was ‘The Faraway Tree’. Lastly when I was 5/6 I liked any book by…A A Milne.”

    Why did you like these books?

    “Because they were interesting and fun to read! Also they were very well written!”

    Did you like imagining the things you read?

    “Yes! Because it takes you to another place in your mind,away from the fears of real life.”

    Finally, What is your favourite book now?

    “My favourite book now is ‘Da Vinci Code’. It is about conspiracies and secret plots – very thought provoking”.

  3. For my homework this week I asked my mum what here favourite childhood book was?
    This is her reply:

    “My favourite book growing up was Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. I love the way he writes, the humour in his stories and the made up words he created, but you still new just by his desriptions exactly what he meant. I loved the cheeky, sly character of Mr Fox and how he outwitted the Farmers. I used to read under my covers when I was supposed to be asleep.”

    My mum also still reads the book today:

    “I still love this book now even after all these years, I often pick it out of the class bookshelf to read to my Year 2 children and if I can’t find that I will always read another Roald Dahl book such as The Twits or The Enormous Crocodile to the children.You can always re-read Roald Dahl books and never get bored of them.”

  4. I asked my mum about her favourite childhood books. This is what she told me –

    When I was younger I remember that I loved reading and going to the library, I still do! “Charlottes Web” and “101 Dalmations” were two of my favourite books. At school our class read “The Borrowers” which I really enjoyed! I know there is a film of this now but I dont want to watch this as it may spoil my memories of the book!
    I have read the “Harry Potter”series and hope my children will enjoy reading these one day.

  5. Roald Dahl-the twits
    I asked my mum what her favourite book was when she was younger, her reply was this:

    “Personally I liked the twits because it’s amazed me how the old lady shrinked and when I was younger I actually believed that. The best part was when mr twit described his long beard that was full of old food and never washed it. It took me 1 whole week to finish it-it wasn’t a long book though.

  6. What was your favourite book as a child?and why? This is what i asked my dad.

    When i was growing up i used to love Treasure island. All the characters are really well described. I remember feeling really afraid and exited. Sometimes I had to put the book down I think i was about the same age as Jack Hawkins.

    Who was Jack Hawkins and why did you have to put the book down?

    Jack Hawkins was a boy who found the map to Captain flints treasure . Often the chapters were left as cliff hangers with Jack and the crew in dangerous situations were you felt surely Jack would be captured and killed at any moment.

    Were you putting the book down because it was time to go to bed or because you were scared to read on?

    Sometimes I had to have a breather from the action.(If i didn’t read on then Jack Wouldn’t get caught hehehe)

  7. Hood of Memories
    • Still remembers story till this day
    • Reminds her of a Bollywood film
    • Favourite character is Little Red
    • Recommended to all young children

    A child meets a point in their life where they get attached to a book. In this case it’s little Red Riding Hood. Her red clothes is like a bride`s saree. The story is just like a Bollywood film. There`s the…
    Wood Cutter- Our Hero
    Wolf- Our Villain
    Grandma- Needs Saving
    Little Red Riding Hood- Our Star
    ` There are many versions of this story and I love them all, typical Fan Girl!’ Well she already said it Typical Fangirl! Another message she wants to say is…
    ‘If you’re a parent then read this story to your children and if you’re a child beg your parents to by it! P.S they might be an even better fan than me so read it twice!’
    – Thazzy Islam

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