End of Half Term

Another end to a fabulous half term!

Year Six have been working their socks off and I know they will continue in similar fashion.

Key Skills:


Mr Prosser’s Maths group received three pages, six sections; we did discussed that I expect you to choose three of these sections as a minimum and complete them in your key skills book. Where you made errors, or feel that you could improve, it would be great for you to practise that skill or gain a deeper understanding around the topic. I would love to see some practising/revision outside of what I set you!

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:

Everyone received their grammar paper, which we had gone through, and a copy of the government published SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) syllabus. A very interesting read! It explains all that Year Six will be tested on in the May tests.


I want all of you to read chapter 4 of Journey to the River Sea. Upon completion, I want you to explain the three main events of the chapter and why you have chosen them (in your key skills book). This will provide us with some fascinating discussion on the first week back!

Further reading: all of you received a text with some questions alongside it; we discussed in class that it would be good to remove the questions (unstaple it) and lay it directly next to the text so that you can match them up as you go through it. Similar to how we have done with the reading comprehension tests.


In class we also discussed how we can benefit our learning over the half term and generally whilst a home, it will be very interesting to hear the different things we have been doing! Here’s another link to the OneNote revision site. 

All key skills aforementioned has been emailed to the Year Six students as well in the event of misplacement. 


Have a fantastic half term and I look forward to seeing you all again on Monday the 22nd of February!

For your information, PE is going to be outdoor on both Wednesday and Friday afternoon; therefore, you won’t need your PE kit in school until Wednesday!

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