Design and Technology Key Skills 17th June

This week’s key skills is on Yammer – it is also on the blogs (as you can see!) for those who cannot access Yammer at home. If there is no access to either, complete paper-based and Mr Prosser will put it online next week. Part 1 is still achievable as everyone received a paper-copy of the key skills.

Next week we are making our moon buggies as part of our Space/Design Technology project!
1) Therefore, at home we want you to collate any materials that you can think of that you could donate to the project either for your own use or a different group’s. Some examples are as such:
– Lego
– Meccano
– K’nex
– Yoghurt pots
– Plastic bottles
– Cardboard
Please understand that due to glue and other materials, non-disposable materials (such as Lego) may not be able to be sent home at the end of the project.

2) There are examples of motors being used in mini-cars shared below; they show how they can be made. Watch these and have a think how you could create your own. Comment with a reply: which one do you think was the best? Which one would you prefer to use? How could you change the model someone else has used in the video? Ideally reply on Yammer – but replying here is fine.

Again, if the videos are not accessible at home, we will sort this out next week.

Thanks and have a great weekend,
Year Six Team


This term, we are working on The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. After listening to the piece, we listed everything that we could visualise. Please research Vivaldi’s work and post some interesting facts. Today (30/6/16) we listened to the piece again and then shared our thoughts on the mood of each section. Using various instruments, we created a contrasting piece of music –  one season moving into another. Which seasons did you choose and how did you create the contrast?

Prayer Room

Year six were welcomed into the prayer room, at Weston Favell Primary school, which is a space where you can think about your beliefs and have time to reflect. It gave everyone a chance to stop and think about others and their place in the world.
There are many different ways to engage in prayer; everyone felt relaxed and used the areas, independently, to think about: their hopes and dreams, changes ahead, forgiving others, letting go of worries, positive images and so much more. It was a positive experience for all – here are a few of the children’s comments:
It is therapeutic.
I like how it is calming and it’s cleared my mind.
This helped me to let go of bad things.
I had a lot on my mind and now I fell I have less worries.
The empty chair has helped me with losing people I miss.
Areas like this would be useful in school for times of pressure.
It makes me feel positive
I may do some of these exercises at home.
I enjoyed the tents because they are a good space to think in.
I liked the fizzy forgiveness activity because I could visualise it and express it better.

Please post comments about your experience of the prayer room. What did you find helpful? How did it make you feel? What would be useful to have in our school?

Space Centre – Pictures (Sway)

A great trip today! Lots of learning and lots of fun – a perfect combination.

Here are two Sways (one inside another!) showing some pictures of the Year Six students and also showing some interesting learning.

We are looking forward to the learning that will take place around Space over the next few weeks!

Well done Year Six on a great day out!