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Year six were welcomed into the prayer room, at Weston Favell Primary school, which is a space where you can think about your beliefs and have time to reflect. It gave everyone a chance to stop and think about others and their place in the world.
There are many different ways to engage in prayer; everyone felt relaxed and used the areas, independently, to think about: their hopes and dreams, changes ahead, forgiving others, letting go of worries, positive images and so much more. It was a positive experience for all – here are a few of the children’s comments:
It is therapeutic.
I like how it is calming and it’s cleared my mind.
This helped me to let go of bad things.
I had a lot on my mind and now I fell I have less worries.
The empty chair has helped me with losing people I miss.
Areas like this would be useful in school for times of pressure.
It makes me feel positive
I may do some of these exercises at home.
I enjoyed the tents because they are a good space to think in.
I liked the fizzy forgiveness activity because I could visualise it and express it better.

Please post comments about your experience of the prayer room. What did you find helpful? How did it make you feel? What would be useful to have in our school?

18 thoughts on “Prayer Room

  1. It was a privilege and a joy to welcome Year 6 to the Prayer Space at WFPS. We are so pleased you found it such a calm and peaceful space (that was our hope), where you were able to pause and reflect.
    We look forward to welcoming you again.
    Sue Kirby

  2. For me this was a amazing experience. Personally, I loved the fizzy forgiveness . it helped me visualise my thoughts although, also loved the calm jars. I think we should have something like this in our school. I would like to thank the ladies for running this; this could really help for stressed out people (or anyone)

  3. I really liked the prayer room and I think we should have this at our school. I found all the activities fun to do but they were also very calm. My favourite activities were : The Calm Jar, Fizzy Forgiveness and Refugee Bags . We should have the calm jar at our school.

  4. I enjoyed Calm which was a small tent that has headphones to peaceful music and a jar with this blue liquid and glitter. It really made me calm?.

  5. I enjoyed the prayer room because it was not noisy and uncontrolled, it was a settled place. The thing I enjoyed was the letting go area: it’s a place where you use a headphone to listen to a voice then you write your worries on a piece of paper and put yhem in a sealed box.That’s how I let my worries free.

  6. The prayer hall was amazing; I really enjoyed it. I wish I could go again. My favourite one was where you had to write your worries on a piece of paper then you hold it tight and put in a box. Personally I think that the prayer hall works very well; it really helped me. I wish that we could have it our school. I doubt we could make it better but we could try to make it as good. It is amazing how calm it makes you it’s so peaceful.

  7. The Prayer room was a benefit for all. My favourite 2 elements were the balls of stress and the relaxation tent and glitter glasses. The balls of stress helped you feel your worries come away. I feel that this would be beneficial in school because whenever anyone feels before exams, performances or even just needs some time to cleanse the mind then these will perfect for the situation. I also mentioned the tents of relaxation and the glitter classes. Because of the clever messages played through the IPod you truly feel as if someone is giving you a chance to wipe the slate clean , start a fresh and relax. This would give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy a bit of quiet time. Another which I think would benefit children is fizzy forgiveness. Now , as you know, there are always arguments on the playground and even though the teachers try there best there is always a bit of hurt which stays behind but with this you can let it go. Thank you so much to Weston Favell Primary School for introducing us into a world of peace and tranquillity.

  8. I personally loved the prayer room it really broke all my worries such as: good results, arguing family and losing my amazing friends such as: Lucy, James, Esther and Josie! The prayer room was also really calming and emotional like the chair, where you had to write to a relative that had passed away. The relaxations would help our school. For example if people were being mean to you, just go to the room and let out all the emotions that are locked away and harming you. Can we have it? It is an amazing idea trust me.

  9. By Sarah and Esther
    I found our afternoon at the prayer room very therapeutic. Personally, I found the ‘fizzy forgiveness’ the best because it let me visualize my thought/feelings. I also liked the ‘empty chair’ because it helped me deal with the way I missed relatives.

  10. Our hour in the prayer room:

    We loved the prayer room because it was peaceful, quiet and calming. It was nice to see all of the different activities that can help you feel relaxed and at ease. Without a doubt, all the activities were phenomenal ; but our favourites were… My favourite was the tent with the glittering jar and the mesmerizing tape we also listened to: It made me happy and comfortable! – Millie… Personally, I enjoyed all of the tasks – my all time favourite would have to be The Hopes And Dreams one with the paddling pool ; you had to make a lily out of paper and wrote your hopes and dreams on it. Then you watched it open up like a proper lily! Thank you for reading our blog post and we highly recommend to other schools and our school ( hint-hint Mr Rees) to get/create a prayer room like Weston Favell Primary School have! – Millie and Daisy!

  11. It’s an amazing space where your emotions can be out bursted, but in a beautiful manner. I love how they put so much thought into the design and allowing them to show the world in a light – just like in the tent where it is not dim, but graceful and it just shows why we should have a prayer room.

  12. The prayer room
    At the prayer room, it was interesting: there were many activities to do with relaxing. It was amazing because it was unexpected (the day that I was due to go I was sadly ill) and the next day I had to go with the opposite class (Churchill). Now let me explain what activities we did; they were very exiting: the wish pond, the one where you put in a tablet and it fizzes and dissolves and the moulding one was my favourite!

    I loved my time at Weston favell; I loved the prayer room…

  13. I think that we should have the Fizzy Forgiveness. Because most of the time people fall out. And I think that this will help people calm down and relax. It will mostly make people forgive and forget. Also the building of people really helped, so I think that we should have both of them.

  14. The tent was the best because it was calming and helpful. Also it clears your mind. Everyone thought that the tent was definitely the most popular one. Also I found the the three things you would bring. That really made me think really hard ( especially how it made me leave the tennis ball.

  15. The prayer room was very relaxing and I liked the refugee rucksacks because I got to decide 6 things I need and then I had to narrow it down to 3 – my final 3 were passport, money and medicine: Oliver

    I liked the hopes and dreams because it shows how long your hopes or dreams will take to come true: Sam

    These aren’t the only activities but these are our favourite.

  16. The prayer room was very relaxing and quite. This helped as we had a time to reflect back on our past and things that are going to happen in the future! Moreover we could think about our hopes and dreams of what we want to become when we are older. It’s also good to look at other people’s things and what they have said. I think a prayer room would be good in this school because, people can have time to just relax for once and leave all the bad things behind; helping with lessons and hectic times ahead or behind. This could make people a lot more exultant. I would place it in the corner of the family room: it is more quiet and not a lot of people wouldn’t disturb you as not a lot of people visit there.

  17. I enjoyed the part when we made the people out of clay then we placed it n the table where you felt that you fitted in most. Further away you went you felt alone but the closer you were to the middle you fitted in more.

  18. I found the whole experience mind-twisting, exciting and different in the way that we don’t have anything like this in our school! All of the activities were very helpful: fizzy forgiveness for forgiving someone that has done something to you; the empty chair for helping you overcome somebody you know that died; calm tent which was a small tent and in there was some headphones with lovely harmonies which you listened to and watched some glitter fall through water; hopes and dreams where you wrote down your hopes and drems then folded some paper and watched it open slowly in water and finally there was change where you made a butterfly and write down what will change for you in the future. Personally, my favourite activity was where we made you out of play-doh and then placed it where you think you are in the society right now. I truly believe that the room was great and would love to go back again. Thanks Weston Favell.

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