End of a Successful Term

A very good term to begin Year Six from the children of Mandela!

One thing that we’ve spoken a lot about in school recently is the use of manners and being polite; I have seen a great improvement in the use of manners over the last few weeks and I am very impressed! It has been a busy term but lots of learning has taken place.

Microsoft 0365 Logins

Mandela class have been provided with their password to O365 today. They have been given their passwords and can login in at home if they want. Once logged in, they have to update their password immediately.

On OneNote in the Collaboration Space, I have put a small table: please fill this in if you manage to get onto the Mandela Onenote!

Key Skills:










Some children had a word/story problem entitled “A Titanic Problem!”. This required a lot of reading and understanding before the questions. The attitude within the lesson towards this was fantastic. This needs to be completed.

If they didn’t start the “Titanic Problem!” then you need to complete this in your Key Skills book:








Thank you for a great half term, Mandela. Enjoy your week off and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st November!

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