Year Six Day of Art

On Wednesday 2nd November we were fortunate to have two students from the University of Northampton come in: Mrs Wade and Miss Malpas. The two introduced the day and we started by choosing 4 different pieces of art and creating an art gallery which we entitled and described to everyone in the room. Following on from this, the children were given the task of creating any sort of expressive art with the materials and technology provided. We had materials such as Plasticine, wire, mannequins, printing equipment, paints, fabrics and more. The technology came with a green screen and a dark tent; East Hunsbury Primary School lent us some iPads that we used to create and manipulate some art with.
The students of Churchill and Mandela were extremely focused and collaborative all day long and the art students were impressed! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were great at not only sharing their art and their ideas on Friday but listening to one another and asking great questions.

Here is a Sway of the outcomes and students working towards them: