2 thoughts on “Times Tables

  1. At the temple I thought that they would serve Indian food such as curry and food like that but they gave us biscuits instead which I thought was weird.
    I thought that there would be lots of Indian people who go into the temple but he said that lots of different people go there who are from all over the world.

  2. When we went to the Gurdwara I did not just learn about it , I also had lots of fun learning about the Sikh religion and culture . At the Gurdwara there is also a little school where people from any country can learn how to write and speak a language that they provide education for.They provide food for anyone of any age any time and they would not care ; they treat everyone the same and also greet each over the same because they treat anyone the way they want to be treated . Which is well.I had a great time and I wish I could go again and I am shore that everyone would think the same.

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