Gurdwara Trip & Key Skills

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Above is a Sway of the pictures from our trip to the Gurdwara yesterday. A fascinating morning learning all about the Sikh religion and other aspects of our lives – very interesting.The Year Six children were a credit to the school: great listening, engagement and behaviour from all.

English – please comment about our trip to the Sikh Gurdwara. Think about what you learned, something that surprised you, what you think life is like for Sikhs in Britain today and anything you will add to your presentation as a result of the visit.

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  1. I really enjoyed going on the Gurdwara trip because I really enjoyed listening about what Sikh people believe in.

    Firstly, I didn’t even know anything about the ten Gurus and then he told us that the word Gu means take away the darkness away and Ru means give people light. Also, I couldn’t believe that the ten Gurus came to India the same time as Henry the 8th!

    Secondly,I didn’t know that they pray to a book. Adding on to this I didn’t understand why the book has it’s own sleeping room. I found it interesting when the man told us you could: sing what the book says and you could say it as a prayer. I found it interesting to see that they pray to the book by touching their forehead to the ground.

    Lastly, I couldn’t believe that the people ,who run the place, give people food who are homeless. I also couldn’t believe that every Sunday they go out to give all the homeless people in Abington Square a meal to eat.

    I thoroughly enjoyed going ton the Sikh temple and I believe that they do what they do. I hope they get enough food to give to the homeless.

  2. I learned a lot during my visit to the Gurdwara, but the main things is that the Sikhs wear this type of little sword under their clothes they’re not allowed to use it though. What they say there is that we are all equal and everyone is allowed at the Gurdwara, but you need to cover your heads. When you go upstairs you have to take your shoes off then you prey and this person reads or sings for a book which is a god that they believe in. They’re 10 gods in total that they believe in, and one of which is a book.

  3. I liked it because i learnt about the 10 gods and that they went to india to sort all the off with your head. I liked learning about Sikhism.

  4. I learnt about the food and the book that is there god that still exists which they wership, because there are no more human gods only a book which has words which you read and wave a feather on a stick over it for respect.

  5. Gurdwara trip

    I really liked the Gurdwara because I got to explore a religion that I knew only a bit about .I learned that sikh’s do not cut their hair because they believe that it is a gift from God. I couldn’t believe that the skih’s share so much with the people of the world. I think that sikh’s are accepted because the gods say that everyone is equal . I also think that British people are a lot more accepting of different religions as we live in a multi cultural country.

  6. Until I visited the Gurdwara I didn’t know that Sikhs believed in 10 special people as well as gods. I was surprised to find out that they think that everyone is equal but I think this was a good thing because it might help people get along well. this might be why they do so much good work in our community and give food to the hungry. I loved our trip there and had a great time!

  7. I personally thought that the Gurdwara was very interesting. My favourite part of the Sikhism Temple was exploring the history behind the culture. Also I liked how they believed everyone was equal and don’t care who they are they just help everyone who is in need. I really liked the story of Lunger and the message that it sent. I really enjoyed my experience at the temple and would like to thank the man who showed us around however I still have some questions; When was the culture founded? Why do they where turbans? Why do they still where Karas around their wrist?

  8. I personally thought the Gurdwara was very interesting. My favourite part of the Sikhism Temple was exploring the history behind the culture. I liked the fact that they believed everyone was equal no matter who they are. The story of Lunger was fascinating and the message it sent. I really enjoyed my experience at the temple and would like to thank the man who showed us around, however I still have some questions; When was the culture founded? Why do they where Turbans? Why do they still where Karas around their wrist.

  9. I’ve learnt that you have to keep your head at all times because it is a gift from god. And did you know that the Sikhs took over a place in England with only a small group of people. Best of all is that if you go there, if you ask for food they give some to you and it is free, so saves homeless people from getting hungry.

  10. I think it was a great opportunity to go there and learn lots of great thing about Sikhs. I learnt that Sikhs believe that what ever religion that you believe to believe in that we should live together as equals. I also learnt that in their religion the men do not cut their hair in conclusion they wear a turban to cover their head. But they do not put turbans on babies heads instead they just put a handkerchief /any thing suitable. I also learnt that Sikhs are very caring towards others as they supply food for others which are not as fortunate as some people may be. I also learnt that there are 10 gods and one of them did not live to be an adult. Sikhs also speak a certain language, Punjabi. Because of the topic in my R.E project is food, I think it would be a good idea to add the fact that Sikhs are very caring towards others as they give them food when necessary.

  11. Even though everyone says there are 10 Gurdwaras in the world, there are actually 9 of them because 1 of them is a book. When people enter the Gurdwara they don’t ask why there here they just respect that they have come here for a reason and are all grateful for each other. You don’t actually need to be a Sikh to enter the Gurdwara. In my opinion, I think they are happy to be a Sikh as it is their religion and they should be proud of who or what they are. I would just like to thank Mr once again for letting the year group and I take part in the experience of going to your Gurdwara. In addition to this, I hope you like the food the we have sent you!

    Yours Sincerely,

  12. We loved our trip at the Gurdwara. I learnt lots that I didn’t know and didn’t know that they belived in 10 people and another gods. I had a great time. thank you. thank you.

  13. During my visit, I learnt that there are 3 main parts of a Gurdwara. At the Gurdwara, I remember one of parts and it was called the Langar. The Langar is a big hall where people share food and eat together. The thing that surprised me the most was the basement as it is also a school to learn about Sikhism. I also learn’t that Sikhs were an important part of WW1 and WW2, Sikhs fought at the Battle of Saragarhi and some Sikh won a Victoria Cross for their bravery.

  14. I had a lovely time at the Gurdwara. I learnt lots of things like, their language, that they don’t charge people for food (they just give) and that they’re not selfish with their money, they share free food with others.

    I was kind of surprised at the Gurdwara, because from what I have seen on the internet, I didn’t see there. On the internet the Gurdwara Temples are extremely posh and fancy, however the Gurdwara we went to see, wasn’t very fancy and posh. It was calm, it was like a normal shopping building on the side of the street, but the thing what got me the most, was that inside it was a very nice place. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive.

  15. I found the Gudwara visit very educational. It gave me a full understanding of all of the traditions and believes of the Sikhs and it gave a big boost to our Sikh presentation.

  16. at our day at the Gurdwara i learned: how the sikis protected themselves by having a metal ring on there head ; what the sikis symbol means ; that Gurdwara translated to English means take away darkness and put in goodness ;

  17. The Gurdwara trip was fun I learnt Sikhs were in the War. I learnt that they prey for someone who pasted away or someone whose ill. I also learnt that the bottom of the Gurdwara is called the Langer which is where people can eat food for free.The thing that surprised me was that Sikhs were in War. I think Sikhs today prey everyday and they have to go to restaurants to eat food not at their home.

  18. I have learnt that Sikhs went to world war 2 and they have to respect others at any time in the day. They also wear turbans on their heads. Thank you for letting us come.
    From Lucas

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