The Tempest

A fabulous day learning about the Tempest!

– What did you recognise in the play from the learning that we had done in the class?
– What did you enjoy about the play?
– Did seeing the play benefit your understanding of the story?
– What questions have you now got about the Tempest?

Those of you who didn’t make the play, how was your day? What did you learn? What are your next steps?


Great work went into this - each group collaborated excellently to produce a handbook guide to Shakespeare. Feel free to come and read!

Great work went into this – each group collaborated excellently to produce a handbook guide to Shakespeare. Feel free to come and read!

As always, don’t forget practise your times tables!

Over the weekend, Mr Prosser will be putting together a montage of the fabulous drama from Thursday… Watch this space!

Have a good weekend – a great first two days back!

14 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. I really enjoyed learning about the Tempest today,I found the play interesting and I recognised lots of the characters in the play: Prospera, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Prince Ferdinand and many others. I also recognised the scenes that they put into the play: the storm and when Alonso and Antonio were in the forest.
    I really enjoyed how they made the characters look so realistic. I also really liked the way how they said their lines. They said it with expression and true meaning. I really liked the way how they made the first scene by making each character have something to do on the ship.
    The play was a bit confusing because the booklet we read was a bit different: with the more characters being in it. So when I watched the play I was a baffled at the beginning but as the play proceeded I understood the play more. So I guess it did help my benefit.
    I really want to know how William Shakespeare came up with such amazing characters? Also I want to understand the Tempest more then I do now because after reading the booklet and then watching the play my mind is a bit confused on what happens in the play?

  2. I recognise that the shipwreck is the same that I thought it would be that we learnt about in our lesson. I enjoyed that you can hear what they were saying from the back of the room. Yes, it gave me a real benefit to my learning and understanding because it is very confusing story and it takes time to get your head around it when you read it.
    I still what to learn about the Shakespearean language as that it is very hard to understand. Looking forward to learning more about William Shakespeare and the Tempest throughout the term.

  3. For me I didn’t really understand they whole story but I still thought it was great

    what made Shakespeare think of the tempest?
    what happens to marrida?
    and when did he write the script?

  4. I recognised that Prospero was dominant in the play and the story that we read in pairs in class.That all of the things on the plot sheet were clearly used in the play.

    I enjoyed the beginning when they were on the ship with storm and all of the people were acting like they were actually on a ship because the were rocking back and forth they even fell over and other things at that moment of time . I loved it.

    It helped me by putting the picture infront of me not in my head so I can just see it WRITE BEFORE ME .

    My queston is that was Caliban a creature or a monstar if so what kind of creature is he a fish because he has green scales or is he a snake , who knows?

  5. Reading the booklet helped me to recernise the characters in the play : Miranda ,Prosepro And Alonso. The story in the play was close to how me and my partner sorted our plot cards in the moring.
    My favourite part about the play was the ship wreck.
    Watching the play didn’t really help untersdand the story any better; some bits I get and some parts I don’t.
    I would like to know:
    Why it was called the tempest ?
    What does tempest mean?
    Why did Alonso hate Prospero?
    Did Miranda want to marry Alonso?

  6. – I recognised the words that they used to say like,
    – Thou
    – Thy
    – Wouldst
    – Couldst
    – I enjoyed the person who was playing Caliban, because he was speaking in a weird voice just like Caliban would, because he is a creature. And the way the people who were playing the fairy spoke everything in a rhyme, I thought that was really good aswell.
    – yes, it did benefit me as I understood it more, because it was all acted out in front of me, instead of having to picture it all out in my mind.
    – I’ve got these questions,
    – How did Prospero become a wizard?
    – What happens next when Caliban is free from Prospero.

  7. I liked watching the play but I couldn’t here all the lines at the back.It helped, to read the story before hand because I would be completely confused by it as its very confusing though after watching and reading it its starting to make sense.

    I would like to know were shakespear got his in inspiration for writing plays?
    Why is st gorges day on shakespears birthday/death day?

  8. During our learning in class, I recognized lots of the characters including Prospero, Miranda and Ariel in the play. Whilst watching the play, I enjoyed the ship scene on the wavy seas because it felt like you were on the ship in the storm. It benefited my understanding because we read it and saw it being acted it out.
    I would like to find out:
    – Why did Prospero make Ariel his slave?
    – How did Prospero become a wizard?
    – How did Alonso become the king of Naples?

  9. I have recognised different Shakespearean words such as thou, thee, hath, art and doth. But I have also recognised different characters. My favourite character is Prospero as he has a stern personality and makes firm decisions. Prospero’s words were very clear and he remembered all of his lines. But I couldn’t hear some of the characters. The play was quite confusing, but they did a great job as the story itself is very confusing.
    How did Prospero get Ariel as a servant?
    How did Prospero get all his power?

  10. The booklet that we read helped me with the characters Prospeo, Miranda and Ariel. My favourite bit was the shipwreck and I learnt some Shakespeare language Thee, thy, and wouldst. I would want to learn when William Shakespeare began writing the plays and who inspired him? I thought the clothes they were wearing I would not want to wear because they looked strange.

  11. In the tempest play I recognised first of all of the words we were talking about in class like
    – Thou
    – Wouldst
    and many others. Also the second thing I recognised was all the characters we were learning about in class like Prospero , Ariel , Miranda , Alonso and Antonio.
    They were all used in the play. After the play we luckily got to ask them some interesting questions. I especially enjoyed the movement of the play it moved smoothly and there were never times where people forgot their lines they all knew what they were doing. Yes definitely more than the story we read in class because we could visualise it in way more we could interact with.
    Why was Ariel letting Prospero rule over him and not try to get out of the land instead of him get blackmailed into getting what he wants?
    How did the drunk men end up on the land.
    Why was Prospero being so protective over Ariel?

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