4 thoughts on “Rainforest Experience

  1. The rainforest day was full of exciting activities, which were very enjoyable. Dave was very humorous yet he still made sure everyone was respectful and doing the right thing. Personally, I liked seeing the animals the most, as it was a new experience.

  2. I loved that day, it was the best day of my life! I learnt a lot that day, especially things about the animals! One of the many things I learnt was that the scorpion had a type of pigment on it so it could glow in the dark! I will never forget that day.

  3. Dave was so fun. I learned so much during this experience. For example, if the tribes in the rainforest wouldn’t have protected the it then it would have been gone by now. We also did some activities such as face painting. This day was so so so so fun

  4. I really enjoyed the day because Dave was funny. I learnt that the blowpipe use to be used in Tribes. My favourite bit is where he fired into the balloon and it POPPED! I hope will get a experience like that in our secondary schools.


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