Year Six Classrooms for this Week

First of all, I hope that everyone had a good day at their secondary schools today. We are looking forward to hearing about how your days went; how many friends you made; what you enjoyed and so on!

With regards to this week, both classes from Year Six need to line up at the hall door that is on the playground. We will be working in the Sandpit, the hall and the reception classrooms but will begin each morning from the hall then move accordingly. Please pass this message onto other parents.


Mr Prosser

Saints Day and Key Skills

A great day at the Saints today!

On the back of this, all students from Year Six took home an origami shirt (half took home shorts). Mandela need to design a shirt for their Key Skills. The winning designer will receive a Saints themed prize…
The judges will be looking for three main things:
– Originality & creativity,
– Care & precision,
– Effort.Have a great day (or two) at your secondary schools! Make the most of it.

Mr Prosser

Here are some pictures of the day (more to be added):