Year Six Classrooms for this Week

First of all, I hope that everyone had a good day at their secondary schools today. We are looking forward to hearing about how your days went; how many friends you made; what you enjoyed and so on!

With regards to this week, both classes from Year Six need to line up at the hall door that is on the playground. We will be working in the Sandpit, the hall and the reception classrooms but will begin each morning from the hall then move accordingly. Please pass this message onto other parents.


Mr Prosser

Saints Day and Key Skills

A great day at the Saints today!

On the back of this, all students from Year Six took home an origami shirt (half took home shorts). Mandela need to design a shirt for their Key Skills. The winning designer will receive a Saints themed prize…
The judges will be looking for three main things:
– Originality & creativity,
– Care & precision,
– Effort.Have a great day (or two) at your secondary schools! Make the most of it.

Mr Prosser

Here are some pictures of the day (more to be added):

Year Six Talent Show Audition Pictures

This afternoon many members auditioned for the school’s talent show later on this year… We had some fantastic talent on show and we were really impressed by all of the acts.

Acts from each year group will go through to then be whittled down to ten to compete in the final. Tomorrow, at 9am, the children shall find out who is through to the next stage ahead of the grand final.

Lots of you have put a great deal of effort into your auditions and perfecting your talents over the years – this was very evident today.

Best of luck to all of those who auditioned; here are some pictures of those who auditioned:

Mandela Key Skills 16th June

Another packed week of learning in Year Six!

Apart from the usual curriculum learning, we have also completed first aid training and learnt about solvent abuse – some very worthwhile learning!

Below is the explanation of the Key Skills and the picture for the maths – it’s quite tricky but we discussed determination to give it a real go!

The Key Skills for this week:

Have a fabulous weekend!

Year Six Andy Goldsworthy Artwork

Year Six have been studying Andy Goldsworthy over the last couple of weeks. Today the weather managed to stay okay for the morning and we went to the local park to create our own masterpieces.

Here is some of the art that we have created in the park and some of the enthusiasm that took place to create it:



Below are a few Sways that showcase the whole unit of work that we have completed with their final pieces in the park too! – Sundus and Soozha – Alex and Louie – Kimran and Erin – Maya and Chloe – Will and Theo – Sophie and Esme  – Ollie – Charlie and Henry – J Jay and Lucas

A very enjoyable day and a great way to end our assessment week!

A really good effort this week from the Year Six students – very well done!

Year Six – End of SATs Week!

Thursday 11th May… the Year Six students have finished their assessments for the school year! On a positive spin, SATs… a fabulous experience for the children to feel the pressure and nerves and to show off all of the hard work that they have put in across their years at their schools. And, I am sure from speaking to your children, they will say A) they are glad they are over; B) they weren’t as bad as they feared; and, C) they tried their absolute best throughout them!

The Bake-Off

Today we had a mini Year Six bake-off where, in the style of Masterchef, Mandela and Churchill had a taste test from a Mr Prosser rocky road. Following this, students chose their own ingredients and created their own versions how they wanted. Across the road, with the cooking expertise of Mrs de Board, lemon drizzles and the like were created for the year group to taste. Students got to eat all of their creations – we didn’t crown a ‘winner’! 









After a fun afternoon on the field, and a long game of football (90 minutes?!), Mandela and Churchill drew 15-15… albeit with some controversies along the way.

Friday 12th May

We cross our fingers that tomorrow will be sunny and this will allow us to visit the local park where Andy Goldsworthy style art will be created – check back tomorrow at the same time to see the artwork. The children have worked very hard studying his style of art so it will be great to put the art into practice. Should your child want to wear an old pair of trainers for this, please feel free to send them in in a plastic bag or such. 

We are incredibly proud of each and every student who tried their hardest this week – a big well done from the Year Six Team!