The Tempest

A fabulous day learning about the Tempest!

– What did you recognise in the play from the learning that we had done in the class?
– What did you enjoy about the play?
– Did seeing the play benefit your understanding of the story?
– What questions have you now got about the Tempest?

Those of you who didn’t make the play, how was your day? What did you learn? What are your next steps?


Great work went into this - each group collaborated excellently to produce a handbook guide to Shakespeare. Feel free to come and read!

Great work went into this – each group collaborated excellently to produce a handbook guide to Shakespeare. Feel free to come and read!

As always, don’t forget practise your times tables!

Over the weekend, Mr Prosser will be putting together a montage of the fabulous drama from Thursday… Watch this space!

Have a good weekend – a great first two days back!

Gurdwara Trip & Key Skills

If the above hasn’t worked, which it may not have, please see this link:

Above is a Sway of the pictures from our trip to the Gurdwara yesterday. A fascinating morning learning all about the Sikh religion and other aspects of our lives – very interesting.The Year Six children were a credit to the school: great listening, engagement and behaviour from all.

English – please comment about our trip to the Sikh Gurdwara. Think about what you learned, something that surprised you, what you think life is like for Sikhs in Britain today and anything you will add to your presentation as a result of the visit.

Year Six Day of Art

On Wednesday 2nd November we were fortunate to have two students from the University of Northampton come in: Mrs Wade and Miss Malpas. The two introduced the day and we started by choosing 4 different pieces of art and creating an art gallery which we entitled and described to everyone in the room. Following on from this, the children were given the task of creating any sort of expressive art with the materials and technology provided. We had materials such as Plasticine, wire, mannequins, printing equipment, paints, fabrics and more. The technology came with a green screen and a dark tent; East Hunsbury Primary School lent us some iPads that we used to create and manipulate some art with.
The students of Churchill and Mandela were extremely focused and collaborative all day long and the art students were impressed! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were great at not only sharing their art and their ideas on Friday but listening to one another and asking great questions.

Here is a Sway of the outcomes and students working towards them:

End of a Successful Term

A very good term to begin Year Six from the children of Mandela!

One thing that we’ve spoken a lot about in school recently is the use of manners and being polite; I have seen a great improvement in the use of manners over the last few weeks and I am very impressed! It has been a busy term but lots of learning has taken place.

Microsoft 0365 Logins

Mandela class have been provided with their password to O365 today. They have been given their passwords and can login in at home if they want. Once logged in, they have to update their password immediately.

On OneNote in the Collaboration Space, I have put a small table: please fill this in if you manage to get onto the Mandela Onenote!

Key Skills:










Some children had a word/story problem entitled “A Titanic Problem!”. This required a lot of reading and understanding before the questions. The attitude within the lesson towards this was fantastic. This needs to be completed.

If they didn’t start the “Titanic Problem!” then you need to complete this in your Key Skills book:








Thank you for a great half term, Mandela. Enjoy your week off and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 1st November!

A Visit from George North

We were very fortunate this afternoon to receive a visit from the international rugby star that is George North! We intensely interviewed him around his life for a good forty minutes and left no stones unturned… A very inspirational man with many great things to say.

We will be using all of this first-hand information to write a biography on him. The biography that has the most effort and thought put into shall be printed in the school newsletter and also sent to be used by the Saints. Therefore, watch this space…

Here are the children with the man himself in their house groups:

The Knights

The Knights

The Unicorns

The Unicorns

The Dragons

The Dragons

The Wizards

The Wizards




Thank you to Year Six for the great questions and a big thank you to the Saints and George for making the afternoon happen!