Great PE Lesson Today!

Well done to Year Six on working very hard over the last couple of weeks (and beyond). This week ended with a fantastic PE lesson: we began with a communication and collaboration activity which required a lot of compromising, discussion and problem solving. Following this, each Year Six student joined up with a Year Three student and they coached them in three areas: hammer-throw, standing long jump and speed bounce.

Here is a Sway that shows some good pictures from the afternoon.

Well done to all of the Year Six students – some great skills on display. Definitely some coaches of the future out there this afternoon! Great to see:

  • Effective feedback being given.
  • Modelling by students.
  • Praise given where necessary.
  • Comfort for those who were struggling.

Due to all of this, the Year Three students had a great time and all of them improved one way or another! A big thank you to the Year Three students for listening so well and being engaged from start to finish.


Mr Prosser