Key Skills 09/01/15


As we have been looking at journalistic writing in literacy, your task this week is to write a newspaper article about Mrs Rosevear’s iPad going missing…

To include:

  • Headline
  • Minimum of three paragraphs
  • The 5 Ws and the 1 H.
  • Orientation and reorientation.


We have no idea how it went missing. This is where your creativity comes to life… It’s entirely up to you how it went missing. There may have been a witness, there may be several suspects or there could even be clues around school…

Next week we will be able to look at these in literacy and discuss how they were. We have been looking at humorous headlines too – three credits for the most creative headline (we will judge in class!).

Further help:

What does it look like? It went missing on Monday, 5th January.





Revisiting fractions of amounts!

  1. Sarah has 48 gel pens.  She gives ¾ of them away.  How many does she give away?
  2. Rachael has 5 packets of 20 biscuits.  She puts three tenths of the biscuits on a plate.  How many biscuits are on the plate?
  3. James buys 65 sweets.  He eats 4/5 of them.  How many does he have left?
  4. Robert has 24 marbles.  He puts ⅜ of them in his pocket for a game.  How many does he put in his pocket?
  5. A small bag of flour is 3kg and a large bag is 9kg.  What fraction of the large bag is the small bag?
  6. I have £10.  I give £6 to my friend Colin.  What fraction of £10 have I given her?
  7. What fraction of 1 meter is 25cm?
  8. What fraction of £2 is 40p?
  9. I have 608 sweets I eat three quarters of them.  How many have I eaten?