Key Skills 05/02/16

Key Skills for this week!


Two things this week:

  1. Encourage your parents to use the blog – commenting on the National Story Week about their favourite childhood book. Isaiah explained that rather than parents commenting themselves, you could interview them around the book and then write on their behalf, eg/ “my dad’s favourite book…”
  2. You need to read chapter 3 of The Journey to the River Sea. Following this, I want you (using the post-it notes I gave you) to summarise chapter 3 on one post-it note and then summarise the book so far on the other. This is just a summary! Don’t write too much. Post this post-it note inside your book.


Mr Prosser’s maths class each received a protractor and a sheet containing five shapes that need to be drawn accurately using the protractor and the ruler. Either to be completed directly in the key skills book or on a blank sheet that will be stuck in. Presentation may be better on a blank piece of paper!


Have a fantastic weekend and well done on a good week in Year Six! 

Mr prosser.

Key Skills 13/11/15

A busy yet fantastic week again up in Year Six…

This week:

1) TLCs have been very successful! The students did a fabulous job presenting to both myself and parents. It was great hearing everyone going deep into their learning.

2) The remembrance assembly on Wednesday was carried out with great care and it was very touching.

3) Literacy writing has been fabulous – diaries from “Dulce et decorum est” were great today.

4) Long multiplication is now a well-used method by all of Year Six.

Lots of things to be proud of! The list could go on…

For Key Skills this week:


As we have been looking at WW1 poetry this term, we would like you to find your own example for your key skills homework this week. Write it up in your neatest Kinetic Letters and analyse it using the following questions as prompts (please write up in full sentences!)

  • What is the poem about? What is your interpretation of it?
  • What devices have been used in this poem?
  • Are there any particularly powerful images that are being described? What do these images represent? What do they symbolise/ mea
  • Which language stands out for you? Why have you chosen these examples? How does it make the reader feel?


We have noticed that times tables aren’t our strong point; you have also identified that you could improve with them. Therefore, we want you to practise them at home. Some of you have identified specific numbers to focus on. We want to hear how you have gone about doing this. One way is running/walking up the stairs saying each one for each step. You could put each question on each stair… 3×4 followed by 7×4 – how quickly can you get up and down?

Therefore, can you (in your key skills book) record how you practised and what numbers you practised.


Have a great weekend! 

Key Skills 06.11.15

What a brilliant week!

Fantastic poetry today topped off a fantastic week in Year Six…


Maths Key Skills 06.11


This came as a sheet; however, here it is pasted:

Subordinate clauses and main clauses


Part 1:

In the sentences below can you underline the subordinate clauses?


Despite it being cold outside, I put on my favourite shorts.

Even though the man was 7 feet tall, he wasn’t tall enough for the Guiness World Record Book.

I love walking to school even on Saturdays.

My favourite band, which is One Direction, are going on a break soon.

Although we are in Year Six, we are doing some very complex things.


Part 2:

Complete these sentences so that it makes sense, you may need some more punctuation also:

Due to the fact the sun was shining, ____________________________________________________.

However many times I ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Northampton is a lovely town. However, ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


_____________________________________________________________________________, I often go to Spain.



Part 3:

In your key skills book, stick this sheet in and then:


Write a sentence that has the subordinate clause at the start, then in the middle and then add the end.



Have a great weekend! 



Key Skills 23/10/15

First things first, we have PE on a Tuesday (outdoor) and a Thursday (indoor). So PE kit will be needed on those days.

As we proceed through winter, it will become colder and colder so I suggest that you bring a PE style jumper (rugby top) to this!

As well as key skills (below), you have each had a revision page on OneNote shared with you with regards to the maths we have done so far this year.

Also, you have the opportunity over half term to add to your World War One learning Sways – this isn’t compulsory but an added extra would be great to see!

Have a fantastic half term! We are all thoroughly looking forward to next term. 

Key Skills over half term:


For literacy, you need to read chapters 5 and 6 of Carrie’s War. As well as this, you have each been given a few post-it notes to take notes on anything important that happens on these pages. Alternatively, you could record your notes in your key skills book! It would be good to see this noted in your reading record also.


We have been doing a lot of work on place value and then addition and subtraction, therefore a lot of the key skills is centered around this. You received one sheet for key skills. The sheet had three separate parts to it.

You either had:

1) Key skills 1

2) Key skills 2

Key Skills 16.10.15

A very busy week at SdS! But as always, a good one.

For key skills, which is to be completed in your key skills book, you need to do the following:


This week we worked on chapter 4 of Carrie’s War. We used drama to help with our understanding and opinions of the character Mr.Evans. We need you to read chapter 5 – get yourself comfortable and enjoy.


Literacy Key Skills: 

On pages 49 and 50 the character “Gobble-Gobble” is introduced to the book as it appears to chase Carrie and Nick.

For key skills this week, you need to write a character description of this character. Think about if you were a reader – what makes you understand and see a character in your head?

You must use the book to inform your answer – what can you infer from the text that will help you?

Key things:

  • Adjectives
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • Adverbs – how does he/she move?

Maths Key Skills: 

I have posted two (unclear) pictures below… Hopefully they’ll be visible enough! Challenge yourself as much as possible.

Understandably, you may not be able to cut them out and order them, as it’s on the blog – so if you don’t have a paper copy, please just match the appropriate ones in your book.


Harder Key Skills

Harder Key Skills

Easier Key Skills

Easier Key Skills

Have a great weekend! 


Key Skills 9th October ’15


We are currently developing writing skills related to biographies in Year Six. Therefore, for this weekend we want you to research someone that you could write a biography upon.

This could be: a celebrity, a family member, a friend or anyone else…

You must record your information in note form and not just paste loads from the internet! You need enough to be able to write a biography…

This week it is imperative that it is in your key skills books also, as you will be using them during lesson time later next week.



We have been looking at negative numbers. Each student was given the choice between two sheets and some took two… Hopefully this will consolidate all of your learning ready to move forward!


Have a fantastic weekend! 


Key Skills Club for Year 5 and 6

Key Skills club for Year Five and Six is now up and running!

Every Tuesday at lunchtime Mrs Chisholm will host a Key Skills club for those children who would prefer to do their work in school rather than at home.

A great opportunity for you to organise yourself; we understand some of you may not have a lot of time at home to complete key skills or have access to the resources needed.

Homework Club

Key Skills for May Half Term

First of all – well done this term! SATs went by with ease and you all worked very hard at it. We have done some mature topics in year six following SATs and you have handled and discussed these with great maturity.

As on the first day back, 1st June, we are dressing as explorers and our new topic is all related to exploring an unknown part of the world, we want to link our writing to exploring! 

Nigel Thornberry

We want you to imagine that you are an explorer first of all. Imagine that you have just explored somewhere that everyone else will know…

This is where your imagination really comes into it. You could write a piece of narrative explaining your exploration of your living room, for example. If you write this from a “confused” point of view – it could be great. You could write it with humour and confusion, avoiding writing the name of the place. By avoiding the name of the place – could the reader work out what you have explored?

For example: 

On Friday 22nd May, 2015 I embarked on a crazy adventure! I began this whirlwind in East Hunsbury. In front of me I saw some familiar cars, familiar houses and some familiar faces.

As I entered the place of exploration, I could smell some strange scents – garlicky spaghetti bolognese for sure! Black and white tiles lay across the floor and the door, which seemed to be an exit, had another door within it – for a beast to enter and exit I would imagine. Below the tables there were white doors with a bright light behind them – what on earth was this place? To be continued… 

Where do you think I have described? What place have I explored? 

Task: writing an exploration explanation of somewhere either interesting or extremely boring, creatively. Hopefully with clues to tell the reader where you have described.

How to submit: we now have a few ways to submit our key skills: green key skills books, OneNote, blog, shared document or via e-mail.


We look forward to reading and sharing your work! Have a fabulous week. 

Key Skills 17/04/15


Choose a page or a couple of paragraphs from the book you are currently reading. Look through the page and try to find as many different grammatical terms that you know. For example, if you are reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Harry went down to breakfast the next morning to find the three Dursleys already sitting around the kitchen table. They were watching a brand-new television, a welcome- home-for- the-summer present for Dudley, who had been complaining loudly about the long walk between the fridge and the television in the living room. Dudley had spent most of the summer in the kitchen, his piggy little eyes fixed on the screen and his five chins wobbling as he ate continually.

Proper nouns: Harry, Dursley, Dudley. 

Common nouns: kitchen table, breakfast, television, present, fridge, living room, summer, kitchen, eyes, screen, chins. 

Adverbs: loudly, continually. 

Obviously there are many more grammatical terms to use…

Record it how you want; you could do an impressive poster!


Key Skills 20.04.15


Have a good weekend! 

Mr Prosser