#WAKWHS2 The Quest Has Begun…

Arabella has just gone missing. The king has announced the quest. Simon has accepted the quest. Or, In the words of some year sixes:

George K:        King Henry rose from his chair. All of the children stopped and cried; the jesters dropped off their stilts and threw them on the floor. The cooks dropped the food; the room went silent. “What! This is not meant to happen, has she been stolen?” As he continued, his cheek rippled in anger as he began to sweat and turn red. “We need to find Arabella! Now!” While finishing his speech, he smashed his hand in his food and sat down. “Any volunteers? In fact, who thinks they can rise to the challenge? The strongest man in the land!” Everyone stood back apart from one…

Eliza K:         Simon stood up with courage and he replied, “I’ll do it! Please. I have killed all of these creatures, I will not let you down I promise. I am brave and bold; I have a shield and a sword. I am not a normal man, I am a knight!” Everybody moved away to make that they weren’t involved whilst the king stared in amazement.

Lauren C:      “I do not know where she is! So that is why I am requesting the bravest man, more specifically, a knight, the bravest of them all. The boldest, the -” When he was cut off by Sir Simon.

Then in a confident voice he remarked, “I, Sir Simon, will find her! I have before slayed dragons! Fought wizards and challenged unicorns. I am surely worthy enough to go on the quest – to save Lady Arabella…”

Matthew J:       “I am the one that shall go. I shall go because I have just won my spurs for killing the dragon of Senlis. I have frozen fire and shot a target from 40 miles away! I have smashed through windows and broke through walls. I shall go!”

Selin H:         “I shall find Arabella for I am the man you are looking for. I have killed dragons, burnt unicorns and tricked the smartest wizard in the world. Being the man to find Arabella, I want something in return… This quest is more than a walk in the park; I do understand. I have seen the things the average person would not be able to deal with, I have seen death at every corner. I have had experience. So, you can see I’m your man!” Explained Simon, feeling confident and triumphant.

Parris L:       “I, Simon, will save the lady,” he said with fake confidence, “I have slain dragons and escaped wizards; survived poison and more. And, my motive, well let’s just say I have some questions to ask that only she can answer…”

Some very powerful speeches from Simon! It appears he is definitely the right man for the quest.

We are barely into our stories and I cannot wait to read on. All of year six have definitely succeeded in engaging the reader so far! More great writing to follow…


#WAKWHS2 Lady Arabella

We have looked at the character of Lady Arabella in year six. We discussed how stereo-typically we see princesses or ladies as lovely characters – pretty, pink and nice. The children went away and developed their own characters of Arabella, some breaking the traditions that we see so regularly in Disney films.

How did you describe your Arabella? What makes her more special than the others? Include some quotes from your literacy books 🙂



In literacy we are currently looking at flashbacks and how authors use them effectively to increase the quality of writing.

How do you think an author would introduce the flashback we saw in Ratatouille? Try writing an example. Think about all of the changes in the character’s expression, the flashback trigger and why it is important to the reader.

We also looked at a great series of flashbacks from Kung Fu Panda. This is more difficult to write about as it goes back and forth from present to past tense. However, due to the fantastic settings we can see, when written it would show some fantastic information to the reader. How do you think an author would introduce this flashback? How would the author manage to go back and forth between the two time zones?



The Giant’s Necklace

Recently we have been reading The Giant’s Necklace. Everyone has been extremely enthusiastic with the text and all work has been great!

The story leaves all readers with many questions unanswered. Michael Morpurgo does a fantastic job in keeping the readers guessing!

We are thinking of contacting Michael Morpurgo about the text, what questions should we ask him? How would you review the story? Some questions to pose to him are very obvious; I’m sure we all want to know the answer to one question. Therefore, try to think outside of the box!


photo (16)

Writing Mnemonic

In literacy we were discussing the use of a mnemonic to aid our learning though our self-assessment of our work.

The words:





When (adverbials)

Sentence Openers


We thought of a few ideas earlier, but nothing was jumping out! Archie Chorlton … seemed a popular beginning to it. It would be fantastic if someone could come up with a really good version that we could use alongside our writing to help us ensure we have all of those features!

Have a great weekend.