Children in Need/End of the Week

A great afternoon to end a brilliant week! So many adjectives about this week, but it really has been a fantastic week. 

This week we have used so many different skills, pushed ourselves to the limit, performed, explained, learnt and done it all with a fantastic smile! As we said in class, most of us definitely need a well deserved rest this weekend.

Everybody in Mandela class made some sort of effort today – were we the only class of full dressed-up children? Possibly. Well done for:

  • All of the challenges you have done.
  • Dressing up so well.
  • Great involvement with the afternoon.

Also, a big thank you to the Year 5 team for running Children in Need today – in total we raised roughly £1200 – sensational! Official amount to be confirmed. 

The class looking great in all of their costumes! Again, great effort by all.

photo 2

photo 1

Our three Supermen looking great! Top poses also.

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (2)



Have a fabulous weekend!