Key Skills 16/01/15

First things first, have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all of the hard work this week 🙂 In celebration assembly I spoke about Gemma’s superb effort of recent but it’s a similar story for most of Mandela class.


In your home, search for ten different items that have a measured capacity. Once you have found out the capacity of each item, you need to order them from the smallest to the largest. Also, I want you to convert them from millilitres to litres as well.


For example:

Item 1: Carton/bottle of milk (2nd largest capacity)

Capacity: 568ml (a pint)

In litres: 0.568L



I look forward to hearing all about this!

For key skills this week, I want you to all explain: what are you reading? Write down five key points/events/facts that have come from your book.

This will create some very interesting classroom discussion. Such as: discussing books that others have read, reviewing books, finding out what interests us and a lot more!