Mandela Key Skills 12/09/14

We have had a wonderful first week back! The children have been magnificent and have worked extremely hard.

The key skills for this week:

Creative Curriculum:

This week it is very much science related. After Churchill beat Mandela in a very tense blockbluster quiz, we looked at testing the strength of seven different plastic bags. Through many discussions we realised that it was fairly impossible to make the test completely fair; we tried extremely hard to ensure that our results were as reliable as possible.

This is some of our thoughts on what effects the strength of a bag:

 photo (5)


Below is our results table, along with our predictions (we didn’t time it). As you can see, the majority of the people thought JD Sports would hold the most bricks and the second largest amount of people thought the “Tunisia” bag would succeed.

photo (4)

For key skills this week, have a think about the questions below, reply with a paragraph that covers at least two of the questions – if everyone has answered 1 and 2 for example, try and do the others on. We will be using all of the answers as a resource for discussion next week.

1) Why do you think those two bags were the most successful?

2) How could we have made the test more fair?

3) How could we have improved the test?

4) How else could we have tested the strength of plastic bags?

5) What made the test unfair?

6) Do you think our results were accurate and reliable, and why?

7) What other questions could we ask following the investigation?

Remember, we tried our hardest to make it as fair as possible! 


Maths Key Skills: 

This week we have been improving our use of the four operations!

Your key skills for this week is the following questions:


1)4.1 + 9.23 =

2)81.2 + 91.3 =

3)218 + 673 =

4)132.8 + 48.2 =


1)38.1 – 13.4 =

2)92.78 – 13.23 =

3)123.11 – 62.10 =

4)48.44 – 32.15 =


1)84 ÷ 4 =

2)78  ÷ 3 =

3)612  ÷ 6 =

4)555  ÷ 5 =


1)32 x 19 =

2)72 x 38 =

3)22 x 67 =

4)31 x 52 =

Complete them in your key skills book.

Have a fantastic weekend!